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Applying for accommodation

Before you apply

Different accommodation options are available depending to whether you're a student, staff or visiting staff. You'll need to tell us:

  • who you are and your situation
  • the type of accommodation you require
  • when you wish to take up residence
  • what your appropriate accommodation options are.

Rules and Requirements

If you are applying as a family, you only need to submit one application.

There are also complex minimum wage rules (the ‘Rules’) that apply to accommodation let by an employer to an employee.

Those Rules apply to the University of Warwick (the ‘University’) where it lets accommodation to staff.

Because of the Rules, the University is unable to let accommodation to staff where the salary less the rent, allowing for the off-set rate detailed in the Rules, would result in the salary notionally falling below any applicable minimum wage.

We will let you know if this is an issue for you.

Staff and Family Accommodation Options


Full-time members of staff employed by the University of Warwick.

  Government checklist

The Government provides a useful guide for tenants or landlordsLink opens in a new window letting in the private sector. It includes a checklist on rights and responsibilities and detailed information on:

  • What to look out for before renting
  • Living in a rented home
  • What happens at the end of a tenancy
  • What to do if things go wrong

  Building and roadwork projects

During the current and next academic year (2023/2024) the University will be carrying out several major building and roadwork projects.

Some of these will be on land near to halls of residence and the staff apartments on campus.

Every effort will be made to keep any disruption and inconvenience to a minimum.