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Relocation Enquiry Form

If you would like to make an enquiry about the relocation service, please complete the form below.
Contact Information
Are you joining the University as a member of staff or a student?

Accommodation Requirements
Preferred style of property
Is parking required?
Are you looking for a furnished or unfurnished property?
How long do you need accommodation for?

Additional information
Are you relocating as an individual, couple or family?
Do you have a debit account in the UK?*
Have you rented a property in the UK before?
Do you have a deposit available (usually equivalent of 1-2 months’ rent)?
Do you have a copy of your employment contract/proof of education at Warwick or a letter from your department or HR confirming your employment/education at the University and your salary?
Privacy statement
*You do not have to give specific details regarding bank accounts etc on the form, but please be aware that all agents will ask for this as minimum information when let agreeing a property. We do try to gather as much information as possible so that we are in a position to help you find a suitable property. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee we can find suitable accommodation in the private sector but we are happy to help with your search. Please note these details (including contact information) will be passed on to letting agents if requested, so that they can contact you directly should they need to.
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