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There are often legal protections in place for the most common problems that you may experience during the tenancy – the following points provide guidance and information where to seek help:

•If you are having financial problems, or are falling into rent arrears, speak to your landlord as they may be helpful, and are likely to be more sympathetic if you talk to them about any difficulties early on. Should you need further help contact Citizens Advice or Shelter as soon as possible.

•If the property is in an unsafe condition and your landlord won’t repair it – contact your local authority. They have powers to make landlords deal with serious health and safety hazards.

•If you have a serious complaint that has been checked by your local authority, your landlord cannot evict you for six months, and must repair the fault.

•Unannounced visits and harassment from your landlord – contact your local authority, or if more urgent dial 999.

•If you are being forced out illegally , contact the police . If your landlord wants you to leave the property, they must notify you in writing, with the right amount of notice – you can only be legally removed from the property with a court order.

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