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Recognising and encouraging quality teaching

The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence give students and colleagues the opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence in teaching and the support of learning.

We value and support our teaching staff here at Warwick and recognise those who create an impact on our student’s experience. The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE) is an internal award scheme which also supports the continuing professional development of the nominated members of staff throughout their career at the University.

All staff who teach or support student learning at Warwick are eligible to be nominated for an award. Students and staff can nominate anyone they feel has made their learning experience at

Warwick excellent, through their teaching style, resources or dedicated and committed approach to student learning. Winners will receive an award of £5,000 and commendees receive £2,000 to be invested in further enhancing their teaching practice.

Dallal Stevens, Law

Dallal has added four new modules to the curriculum and was the first academic in the UK to introduce a module of UK refugee asylum law, a subject in which she is internationally renowned.


She arranges annually for students to attend asylum claims at Birmingham Tribunal to enhance their learning and practical experience.

Nominations for this year's WATE Awards will be open to students in term 2 - why not nominate someone who has inspired your learning and enhanced your student experience?