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The University of Warwick is proud to call Coventry our home. That’s why in 2018, we partnered with IntoUniversity to create a new educational outreach centre in the heart of Coventry. The Warwick alumni and donor community has made it possible to fund this centre, helping more and more local children to access additional educational support and think ambitiously about their futures. Your support can change someone's future!

Want to know more? Read our latest IntoUniversity Coventry Annual Report: 21/22.

IntoUniversity’s Coventry Outreach Centre

Warwick and IntoUniversity Coventry formed a partnership based upon shared values and ambitions to level the playing field, raise aspirations and help support young people, to give them the best possible opportunity to flourish and succeed.

What is IntoUniversity?

IntoUniversity is a national education charity with a mission to raise the aspirations of young people from low income families. Statistically, these students underperform at school, they are less likely to go to university and they have little chance of breaking the cycle of poverty. The University of Warwick in partnership with IntoUniversity aims to challenge this in Coventry. Together, via the Coventry Learning Centre, we offer sustained support to children as young as seven, to have a decisive impact upon their futures. Continuous academic and pastoral support is given to the young people visiting the centre right through to university applications, or post-education routes. The centre focuses on early intervention, offering a long-term programme to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

IntoUniversity’s three main support programmes consist of:

• Academic Support sessions
• Mentoring sessions with Warwick University students
• FOCUS programmes consisting of workshops, study weeks, and career engagement activities

The University of Warwick has a deep-rooted commitment and affinity to attract, support and enable some of the most talented individuals, irrespective of background, to fulfil their potential. Core to our work is collaboration to enhance social mobility.

HE progression of 59%

compared with 27% standard

185 students

continued on to become Warwick undergrads

60% increased confidence

at home and school

50% of children

from these wards are living in poverty

How can you make a difference?

Into UniversityYou know how important a degree from Warwick can be. For some alumni, their time at Warwick gave them the foundations of a very successful career. For others, it was where lifetime friendships were forged. You have the chance to give this opportunity to others.

Warwick is seeking new supporters for this exciting project so that we can extend this unique programme and transform the lives of disadvantaged young people in our city.

With your help, Warwick and IntoUniversity will provide an integrated programme of academic support, pastoral care and mentoring for young people in the area.


The centre will expect to see approximately 1,900 unique students over its first five years and is confident it will support 75% of those students to go to University.

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The Coventry IntoUniversity Centre is another sign of Warwick’s commitment to our local community. One of the best ways we can make a meaningful contribution to our neighbours is by making sure they have access to as many of the advantages as possible that Warwick offers. Not only is access to higher education important for students, but it is also a priority for building a thriving university community. We are excited by the opportunity to work with new groups of students that this project helps us to achieve.

-Professor Chris Hughes, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Get in touch

Your donation has the power to change someone's future. Get in touch to discuss your gift and the impact it could make using the contact details below:

Wiki Jeglinska
Philanthropy Officer
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T: 07385037143