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Hurvin Anderson

Born in 1965, in Birmingham.

Hurvin Anderson was a student at Wimbledon College of Art (1991-94) and the Royal College of Art in London (1996-98). An exhibition of his paintings was held at the Mead Gallery in 2007 and two years later he was featured at Tate Britain. He has since had solo exhibitions at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham and at the Thomas Dane Gallery in London.

His work reflects a distinctive tradition of British genre painting, echoing the likes of Michael Andrews, David Hockney and Peter Doig, with whom he studied at the RCA. Like these artists, Anderson is a master technician, a 'painter's painter' with the ability to invest something deeply personal into his art. His recent output has often made reference to the Carribean where his parents lived before moving to Britain; this work constitues a dialogue between the two cultures and histories.

His paintings exude a strong sense of place in which, as the art critic Jennifer Higgie puts it "histories and memories intertwine; an English landscape might echo a garden in the Caribbean, and vice versa.... the journeys that are hinted at here are solitary, introspective ones. Yet, even in the loneliest of landscapes, someone hovers in the wings; everywhere has, to some extent, been shaped by human intervention." (Catalogue to 'Reporting Back' IKON Gallery, 2013.)

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