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Nancy Davenport

Born in Vancouver, Canada, 1965.

Nancy Davenport studied at York University, Toronto and the School of Visual Arts, New York. She now lives and works in New York.

Her principal medium is photography which she uses to create digitally-manipulated images which subtly distort reality to make ironic comments on experience of the modern world.

In 2001 an exhibition called ‘The Apartments’ was shown in New York consisting of photographs Davenport had taken of large white apartment blocks in the city, onto these scenes she had digitally superimposed images of terrorist figures attacking the buildings with guns and bombs from balconies and roofs, fire and smoke issuing into the sky. It was a fictional comment reflecting anxiety about and condemnation of senseless political conflict occurring throughout the world. The exhibition opened on September 6th and five days later the devastating attack on the World Trade Centre occurred. It was subsequently said that Davenport’s series “stands as a testament to the complex collision of truth and fiction in photography and the unpredictable effects of historical circumstances on the meaning of works of art”.(source:The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

The artist’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout North America and Europe since 1992, including at Warwick University’s Mead Gallery in 2005.

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