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Simon Patterson

Born in Leatherhead, Surrey 1967. Nationality: British.

Simon Patterson is a leading figure in the current generation of contemporary artists. He studied at Hertfordshire College of Art and Design and at Goldsmith's College in London between 1985 and 1989.

While still at Goldsmith's he showed two wall text pieces at the seminal Freeze exhibition in 1988, organised by Damian Hirst; one of these was The Last Supper Arranged According to the Flat Back Four Formation (Jesus Christ in Goal) showing the names of the Apostles arranged as a football team formation diagram.

This was an early demonstration of Patterson’s fascination with the systems society has developed to organise information which he subverts using wry humour to challenge and question the language and symbols used to legitimise accepted rationales. His most celebrated work was The Great Bear of 1992 - the stars in this constellation are famous figures whose names are substituted for the stations shown in the classic London Underground map designed by Harry Beck in 1933. Each line in the underground system contains a different category of celebrity – footballers on the Jubilee Line, film stars on the Northern Line, philosophers on the Hammersmith and City Line etc.

Patterson was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1996. He has exhibited widely in both group and solo shows in the UK and around the world and his work is included in many national and international collections including the Tate Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Cosmic Wallpaper
Under Cartel: Napoleon 1er