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Car parking: 1st & 2nd year MBChB

 Parking options for 1st & 2nd year MBChB students

If you're a 1st or 2nd year MBChB student, there are parking options available for you. You may register on the University of Warwick Payment Portal by clicking on the button below

Please ensure you follow the step-by-step guide by selecting the button below in order to receive the appropriate tariffs. If you do not follow this process, you may be charged on the general tariff.


Daily Tariff (up until 30th September 2023)


Maximum charge per week

Registered staff, non-salaried staff & PGRs (Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm)

£2.50 (covers evening charges up until 8am the following day)


All-Electric Only (Registered staff, non-salaried staff & PGRs)

£2.00 (covers evening charges up until 8am the following day)


Evening (5pm - 8am) & Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

£1.00 flat fee


Where can I park after I have registered on the payment portal?

You can find out where to park on our where to parkLink opens in a new window webpage. Please note Gibbet Hill campus parking is restricted to Gibbet Hill based users only (WMS & SLS). If you are not within these departments, however are permanently based there, please contact

Unfortunately, due to tax restrictions, you may not park within the Lynchgate Car Park or Kirby Corner Car Park with an MBChB account.

  • In the past decade, the University of Warwick’s population has grown by over 32%, equivalent to many medium-sized towns. In order to achieve the University’s future vision set out in the University strategy – Excellence with Purpose - the University will need to continue to grow full time equivalent (FTE) student numbers, also increase staff numbers too.

    This will have consequences for the size and shape of our campus development, how we interact with our local environment and what impact we have on the lives of local communities. What we do anticipate is that the result of this growth will mean a significant increase in the demand for transport to, from and around campus and increase demand for easy-to-use, flexible, high quality and modern transport solutions.

    At the same time the University is responsible for ensuring we manage the volume of car traffic coming to and from campus in order to adhere to our legal Section 106 agreement with Coventry City Council and Warwick District Council; we also have a maximum limit on parking spaces; it’s important to manage car traffic and to make most efficient use of the total number of on-site parking spaces to best serve the needs of the campus community.

How it will work

  • If you plan to drive to campus regularly, it's best to register your car/s and set up your payment details in advance. You’ll only have to do this once although changes to vehicle details (ie. new car) will require updating.
  • You’ll be able to register up to 3 vehicles on to your account, limited to only parking one vehicle on campus at the same time.
  • You'll no longer need to put any form of paper on display in your vehicle - our system will recognise your numberplate automatically.
  • You’ll be automatically charged every time you come to campus, according to either the 'pay per use' tariff charges or the weekly price cap if you park frequently on site - the easiest way to check what you’ve been charged is to use the portal dashboard.
  • From early January, you'll need to register on the new staff portal with your vehicle and payment details. You may do this here.Link opens in a new window A test £1 transaction will be made to check the payment details are valid, however this will not be taken out of your account.
  • If you have an existing permit, it remains valid alongside the existing pay by phone until the end of January.
  • Charges in the new system will begin from February.
  • If you have any remaining parking scratch cards, these will also no longer be valid from the 1st February 2022. If you hold any remainder in stock, please contact the outlet which you purchased these cards for a refund. Refunds will no longer be issued after the 1st March 2022.

How can this benefit you

• A more dynamic and flexible scheme for making payments.

• An easier and more accessible service for all.

• No longer required to select which vehicle you are driving onto campus on your account.

• Eligible members who are not on the Warwick payroll will now pay prices that are in line with the new discounted rates

• Further discounts if you bring a fully electric car to site.

If you regularly park on campus:

• You’re no longer paying for when you aren’t parking on campus.

• You're no longer paying if you are able to cycle in or use a different mode to get to campus.

• There will be a cap on the maximum amount you can be charged in a week

• We’ll be able to provide you with an annual carbon report to help you understand your personal carbon footprint.

• You can get rewards when you use sustainable alternatives or multi-mode ways to travel using our "Choose Your Way Warwick"Link opens in a new windowApp (powered by BetterPoints).

How might this affect you

There are so many unique situations and circumstances, so we’ve provided comprehensive FAQs here to hopefully answer your questions. If you cannot find the answer you need, please contact the Transport & Mobility team at


    In the last 18 months, we’ve accelerated plans to transform campus transport infrastructure to improve our services and offer more choice. In 2020 Warwick launched a Future Transport Showcase in partnership with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) securing £1.5 million of Government funding to enable the University community to try out new modes of travel. We’d really encourage you to consider whether an alternative, greener travel solution might be something to try, even if it’s just one day a week. The flexibility of parking payments now means you won’t be paying for parking if you try a different mode and you could help to save the planet.

    Bus and taxi

    • We launched a subsidised bus service with National Express 14a, costing only £1 for all staff and students who show their University ID card (single journeys) running from Pool Meadow via Tile Hill Station to campus and back.
    • We launched a Demand Response Transport (DRT) shared mobility service offering cost-effective services to anywhere on campus, Southwest Coventry, Leamington and Wellesbourne – think of it as an Uber bus.
    • We also launched an aggregated taxi service (Tandem) offering co-shared trips to Leamington and Wellesbourne at just £3 per passenger for a single journey.

    Cycling and walking

      • We’ve pedestrianised central campus to allow walking and cycling prominence at the heart of campus.
      • We’ve launched a more regionally connected WMCA cycle scheme, improving connections between our campus and our surrounding local areas where cycle stations will be located, this will include e-bikes to help with longer journeys.
      • We’re planning to create an active cycleway along Lord Bhattacharya Way and University Road.
      • We have over 3,500 cycle parking places and have a page with information on where the nearest showers and facilities are: opens in a new window

      Electric Vehicles

        • We’ve tendered for an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme allowing University staff to convert from their petrol/diesel engines as an employee benefit and it’s our aim to launch this in January – we will offer a parking discount for people using fully electric vehicles to get to and from campus with the new parking system.


        • We launched our e-scooter trials, encompassing Cannon Park and WMG Academy, with plans to expand into Canley and Coventry city centre soon.

        Car Club

          • We’ve launched a new car club scheme, operated by Enterprise, meaning staff can travel from campus on University business for free and students can hire a car on campus for short journeys.

          Points mean prizes

              • Below are the 2020 prices but please note that a price increase would have occurred in October 2021/22 as it has in all other years - if you’re therefore using the below table to make estimate price comparisons, you’d need to factor in an increase of between 9.75% and 17.3% for permits, in line with the approved parking pricing strategy.

                Prices as at October 2020
                Salaried Staff Permits Monthly calendar permit tariff Pay by Phone Pay by Phone tariff
                Salaried staff grades 1a-2 £24.22 Up to 2 hours £2.00
                Salaried staff grades 3-5 £27.01 Up to 3 hours £3.00
                Salaried staff grades 6-7 £34.95 Up to 4 hours £4.00
                Salaried staff grades 8-9 £38.48 All day £7.00
              • What happens to the revenue from parking?
              • Car parking revenue is directly reinvested into improving car parking and transport infrastructure to improve the experience for all. We also subsidise public transport services to campus to improve connectivity and quality for students and staff.

              • Yes, any individual who was eligible for a permit previously will be able to register on the new system.

              • If I have parked during the day, will the daily charge cover me for the evening?
              • Yes, if you have parked during the day, the daily rate will also cover you for the evening.

              • What do I need to do if I have a Blue Badge?
              • If you are a blue badge holder, please follow the instructions on our "accessible parking"Link opens in a new windowpages. Parking tariffs do not apply to Blue Badge holders (excluding Sports & Wellness Hub car park).

              • We are standardising parking rates for all users based on how frequently they park so pro-rata will no longer be applicable. We have made positive changes to how charges operate:

                • You’re no longer paying for when you aren’t parking on campus - previously you would have paid when on annual leave or during shutdown periods if you didn’t remember to cancel your permit in advance.

                • You're no longer paying if you are able to cycle in or use a different mode to get to campus whereas you previously would have if you had a permit.

                • There will be a price cap on the maximum amount you can be charged in a week.

                • The evening rate start period has extended to 5pm - 8am (it was previously 6pm - 6am) which will help those with shift patterns that start in the early evening or finish in the early morning.

                The University's response to the Climate Emergency involves reducing carbon emissions and volume of traffic generated by sole occupancy vehicles driving to campus. The new model charges users based on the vehicle coming to campus.

                An element of the transport and mobility pricing strategy going forward is bringing our charges in line with how public transport operates.

              • There is no change in the total number of parking spaces available to you, some car parks will be accessible to more users with a standardised approach across campus.

              • Will I be charged more than once if I move to an alternative car park?
              • You will not be charged any additional costs if you move between car parks where you are eligible to park.

              • Will Gibbet Hill campus parking still be restricted?
              • Yes, it will still be restricted to staff based at Gibbet Hill campus.

              • Will there be different charges for evenings and weekends?
              • The tariffs for evening & weekends will remain the same.

              • I have some remaining FlexiPay/MultiMode scratch cards, can I still use these?
              • From the 1st February 2022, flexi-pay scratch cards will no longer be valid within our car parks. If you hold any remainder in stock, please contact the outlet which you purchased these cards for a refund. Refunds will no longer be issued after the 1st March 2022.

              • How will visitor or pre-paid visitor parking arranged by departments work?
              • • ‘One-off’ visitors will use the "APCOA connect"Link opens in a new window app and pay once on site.

                • For visitors without access to a device which can download the app, we’ll offer payment services by web, phone or by SMS.

                • For one-off visitors who forget to register or pay, we’ll accept late registrations up to 24 hours after leaving the car park.

                • Departments will be able to pre-pay parking for visitors if they contact the Transport Mobility Team at 

              • How often will payment be deducted from my credit/debit card?
              • Payment for parking will be taken approximately 9 hours after the parking session.

              • For some of our part-time staff, the changes to how we are charging for parking on campus mean an increase in cost and following feedback on this from a wide section of the organisation, we have taken an intermediate step to help support the impact for those most affected. If you are a Grade 1a to 2 part-time member of staff and are currently paying less than £20 per month for a permit, you have the option of applying on this form "" for support and we will contact you directly if you are approved. This is a temporary provision that will last until 30 September 2022. If approved we will amend the parking-cap from £7.50 to £5.00 per week (Monday to Sunday). This is to allow some time for this group of people to review their travel activity and get better acclimatised to the new charging mechanism. The Transport and Mobility team will be on hand to offer support to these individuals over the next eight months, including helping to identify options and alternatives available to them if required. We will deal with this on an individual case-by-case basis.

              • Is there any grace periods for pick up and drop off?
              • A 30 minute grace period is implemented to allow individuals to drop off, pick up or read the parking signage and depart if they do not agree to the conditions. However if a car parks up in a parking space they are not applicable for eg. blue badge space without a valid blue badge, causing obstruction, parking on double yellows/red etc. then the 30 minute grace period does not apply and the time limits vary based on the restriction.

              • Do I need to register or pay for parking for my motorcycle?
              • No, you will not be required to pay for parking or register your motorcycle if you use our dedicated motorcycle parking facilities.