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Car parking: Where can I park?


If you're visiting us, take a look at our guide on how to get here and where to park:

How to get to the University by Car

If you are a member of staff and have an external visitor coming to campus, you may want to reserve a space for them. There are reservations available on Central Campus for external visitors, every week day until 2pm.

Active management of spaces

We actively manage the car parking spaces available, looking at the campus holistically to best respond to demand given the supply. This means we often change use and restrict availability to certain users, reserving spaces to support specific needs or events. In a busy campus environment, drivers can't always expect to park in their preferred location, and some flexibility about where to park is necessary.

Parking locations

A map of all parking on campus for staff, students and visitors. Restrictions apply - for example: access to disabled spaces, car share spaces, electrical charging bays and time-limited spaces.

Key Information Central Spaces WW Spaces CFV Spaces GH Spaces KCCP Spaces Lynchgate Spaces Other


General | P&D (if machine is available), scratch card or a parking permit

grey tick grey tick grey tick       grey tick


Restricted | Staff, PGR and MBChB permits only

grey tick grey tick         grey tick


Conferences | Scarman, Radcliffe and The Slate parking only

            grey tick


Reserved visitor parking

grey tick            


Short stay parking | Anyone can park here, 20 minutes maximum, must obtain a ticket from the machine

grey tick            


Gibbet Hill based "B" and "Pi" permit holders only

grey tick     grey tick      


Edge of campus parking | Staff permits only

        grey tick grey tick  


Pay and Display only | Permits are not valid here

    grey tick        


Restricted to Lakeside Village Permits only

            grey tick

Car parking across campus - click to enlarge