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Press Summary, December 17 –December 22

Press Summary, December 17 –December 22

Arab Times
- Professor Richard Taffler, WBS, comments on the euro crisis
Also in Kuwait Times

Arm Town (Armenia)
- Professor Robert Kerr, Maths, comments on why a street in Coventry has seen a shower of falling apples, despite having no apple trees nearby

Asia Net India
- Erwin Verwichte, Physics, comments in an article about solar storms

- Lord Skidelsky writes a comment piece on the euro crisis
Also in China Daily
Korea Times

- Professor Christopher Hughes, Politics, is interviewed on Japan's Defence Ministry

Express India
- Graduate Seema Malhotra has been voted in as an MP
Also in Yahoo India

Malaysia Star
- Two married graduates have completed a joint course between Warwick and a Malaysian university

- Stanford University has dropped its bid for a campus in New York, Warwick's joint bid still stands
Also in Architectural Record
Chemical Processing
Inside Higher Ed
Wall Street Journal

Nation (Pakistan) - Dr Anandi Mani, Economics, comments on research which found an increase in representation of women in Indian politics led to a rise in reporting of crimes against women
Also in 20 sources

National Post (Canada)
- H.A. Hellyer, Health and Social Studies, comments on the revolution in Egypt

NDTV (India)
- Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya was on the panel to find a successor to Ratan Tata at Tata Motors

Ostersunds (Sweden)
- OFK football club held a training course at Warwick

Stooq (Poland)
- Dr Thomas Hills, Psychology, has found that our brains have reached an evolutionary 'sweet spot' and can't get any smarter
Also in 8 other sources

- Article on the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry, which is working with Warwick Arts Centre

Business Matters - Professor Stephen Roper, WBS, contributes to an article on how much it costs to run a manufacturing business in the UK

Daily Telegraph
- Some universities will consider offering lower grade entries to poorer students. Warwick will asses for people who narrowly miss their offer grades

Ethical Corporation
- Article on corporate responsibility and the sponsorship of WBSs corporate citizenship unit by BP

Government Business
- Profile of the West Midlands, mentioning the top universities in the region

- Professor Andrew Oswald, Economics, comments on the 'human wellbeing' drop in the UK

- Student Mahdi Shariff contributes to a blog about what students for Christmas

Health Canal
- Professor Siobhan Quenby, WMS, has helped a woman who kept having miscarriages to give birth

History Today
- Obit for historian Kevin Sharpe, who worked at Warwick

News Blaze
- Professor Daniel Read, WBS, has completed a study which explored the science between snap decisions

- Comment piece on how a postwar spirit is needed to get Britain through the economic crisis, mentioning a recent research paper by Colin Crouch, WBS

Article on the public image of the Hell's Angels. Graduate Maz Harris wrote a thesis entitled 'Myth and Reality in Motorcycle Subculture'

Professional Engineering
- WMG will be developing gas turbine range-extender validation programmes with Bladon Jets

Professional Engineering
- Professor Phil Mawby, Engineering, comments on silicon carbide

Public Sector Review
- WMS and UHCW have collaborated on a new biomedical research facility

Public Sector Review
- Professor Ian Stewart, Maths, wants to see labels on everything that has had any maths applied to it, to highlight the importance of the subject

Sunday Times
- Professor Jon Mee, English, comments on Charles Dickens and satire

Sunday Times
- Maths student Max Humberstone comments on his preference to shop online

- Feature on graduate Sir Gus O'Donnell

- Article on how the cuts are impacting on gifted and talented children. New IGGY director Janey Walker comments

University Business
- Report on the UCISA CISG2011 Annual Conference, where Paul Taylor, director of the Institute of Advanced Learning, spoke

Birmingham Post
- Comment piece by Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya on manufacturing

Birmingham Post
- Review of the year's business stories which includes two from Warwick

Coventry Telegraph
- The funeral of Dr Kandala, WMS, son has been held

Coventry Telegraph
- Article on the Very Warwick Christmas online greeting card. Ken Punter, online communications manager, comments

Coventry Telegraph
- Warwick Warp, a spin-out company, has won the Coventry Telegraph Dafferns Award for Excellence

Coventry Telegraph
Warwick has held a special event to showcase wheelchair tennis

Birmingham Mail
- Sinead Farrington, Physics, comments on the CERN experiment with may have found the 'God Particle'

Oldham Advertiser - Student Richard Wooding has spent a month in Peru to research the rain forest

South West Business
- Report on nuclear energy in the UK, which mentions the research done by Dr Paul Dorfman, WBS

Warwick Courier
- A Chinese delegation who are studying at Warwick visited a local school recently