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Press Summary November - November


4News – Monica Giuliette, associate professor of global energy at Warwick University discusses why companies would want to lower gas prices

Australian - Article on Murdoch University, mentioning Professor Richard Higgott and Jon Baldwin, former members of staff at Warwick

Cornell University - Nick Chater, WBS, has helped write a report which found humans have evolved a flexible learning system to keep up with rapid linguistic change

CCTV News – Professor Shaun Breslin, Politics, comments regarding China’s Communist party’s call for confidence

Also in: CRI English


CheckBiotech – BBSRC have announced 20m worth of Biology projects. 4.5m will be going towards research directed by professor Challis of Warwick University to better understand natural biological ‘factories’

Economist – Shaun Mukand, Warwick, calculates the effect of migration by half of the developing world’s workforce to the rich world.

Education World – Piece by Summiya Yasmeen, advertising what the University of Warwick has to offer

Examiner – Researcher’s at the University of Warwick look into how the study of emotions helps cartoonists draw more threatening characters

Fox News - WMS study has found women who sleep less than five hours a night are more likely to suffer from hypertension

Fox 5 News – The University of Warwick have contributed to the development of the Ion AmpliSeq Community Panels technology

Also in: Dallas South News


Green Technology World – New partnership between University of Warwick Science Department and Bull information Systems

Also in: IT Analysis

Comms Dealer

IOL Lifestyle – Research carried out by The University of Warwick proves a link between lack of sleep and obesity

Irish Herald - Chris Boyce comments on a Warwick study which found people are happy with their wages until they find out that colleagues or friends are earning more

Manufacturing Chemist – Research will be carried out by Warwick University’s Dr Michael Chappell in order to help reduce animal experiments

Medical Xpress
- Physicists at Warwick have been working with Lulea on using solid-state NMR spectroscopy to analyse hydrogen bonds in Amyloid-beta peptide

Medical Xpress – Research by Warwick indicates vaccinating the family could protect young babies against common winter virus’ that can be fatal

Also in: Science Newsline

Health Canal

News RX – Reports Summarise Paediatrics study results from Warwick Medical School

IT Analysis – Steven Jarvis, Head of high performance systems group at Warwick, comments on a piece about the Allinea software development

Also in: Press Release Point

HPC Wire

Reuters Global Market News – British regulators file charges against owners of the Sellafield nuclear waste site, Paul Dorfman, Nuclear waste expert Warwick, comments

Also in: Reuters Green Business News

Yahoo News Maktoob

Science Daily – A team of Warwick University Students have developed a new 3 step method that can detect mitotic cells

Also in: Democratic Underground



Phys Org

Religion and Ethics – Steve Fuller, Warwick August Comte Chair in Social Epistemology writes a piece on the unreasonableness of naturalism

SpectrocopyNOW – Researcher’s at Warwick have uncovered new clues into Alzheimers disease’s causative elements

The Language Factory – Piece on Fruit and Vegetables showing a proven link to happiness, carried out by students at WMS

The Week – Piece on modern comforts and whether they have made the human race dumber as a result. Psychologist Thomas Hills of Warwick University comments

Also in: CBS News

Common Dreams


Business Insider

Latinos Post


Therapeutics Daily – University of Manchester receives funding boost from Warwick, amongst other benefactors, for research into biotechnology and bioenergy. Professor Greg Challis will coordinate the research

Times Colonist – Warwick University comments on a piece that discusses bullying and methods of deflection

Today (Singapore) – Richard Lambert, Chancellor of University of Warwick, is quoted on the current Euro crisis


Barron’s - Review of Lord Skidelsky, Economics, new book How Much is enough? Money and the Good Life

BBC News –
A study carried out by Academics at the University of Warwick have found that the salary advantage of having a degree has eroded by 2% every year this decade

Also in: Mail Online

University Business

Student Times

BBC News – Warwick’s chocolate fuelled F3 car featured on an online multiple choice questionnaire

Business News Daily – Professor Kevin Mole, WBS, talks about LEPs and the necessary restructuring in order to see plans through

Also in: The Star

SouthWest Business

Chemical Engineer
- Greg Challis, Chemistry, comments on new research that has found an enzyme in the bacterium that causes potato scab can catalyse an aromatic nitration reaction

Chemical Engineer
- Warwick has been nominated for Chemical Engineering Project of the Year Award

Construction Index – Warwick University have collaborated to help fund Larkfleet Homes ‘Test House’ technology. This new testing demonstrates potential for faster construction and energy efficient houses in future

Daily Mail – Professor Dieter Wolke, Psychology, headed up a study into how babies who are born to stressed mothers are of higher risk of being bullied in school

Also in: The Times of India

Indian Express Life-style

Medical Xpress


Zimbabwe Star

International Business Times

Alpha Galileo Foundation

Science Newsline



News Track India


The Medical News

Daily Me


Laboratory Equipment

Daily Mail
- WMS research has shown people who get less than seven hours sleep a night are twice as likely to become obese
Also in Genevieve

Daily Telegraph
- Dr Paul Dorfman, WBS, writes a letter to the editor on wind development and nuclear power

Daily Telegraph – Warwick University share their research into why a rising number of professionals are opting to settle abroad

Also in: Vision


London South East

Farmers Weekly – Piece on the risks of Badger sett TB testing. Speaks of Warwick’s several years of PCR testing

Farming UK – Warwick is amongst many Universities with a shortage of Plant Pathology lecturers, threatening tree health

Guardian - Graduates with first-class degrees are half as likely to suffer unemployment as contemporaries with lower degrees, according to IER's Futuretrack study
Also in: BBC
Daily Mail

Financial Times
Huffington Post


Woman & Home

Guardian – Professor Peter Elias of the University of Warwick comments regarding the gender pay gap between graduates

Guardian – WBS has expanded its Master’s programmes in order to cater for the increasing number of applications. Assistant Dean of Finance, Alex Stremme comments

Guardian – Stephen Roper, WBS, explains why the UK needs a research centre focused on small business growth. Speaks of Warwick University being award winning for its research centre

Huffington Post
- Chris Olivola, WBS, has written a paper called Elected in 100 milliseconds: Appearance-based trait inferences and voting - showing candidate appearance is important in elections

Independent - Professor Jackie Labbe, English, comments in an article on postgraduate funding

- Student John Morgan contributes to an article on the benefits of learning a different language

Inquire – Piece about Landlords rushing students into signing contracts. Katie Wyvill, Sociology student at Warwick discusses how her poor off campus accommodation has affected her health

Laboratory News – Physicists at Warwick and Tokyo University have images for the first time of Landau levels

- Article on the Wes Midlands Surgical Training Centre at UHCW and Warwick

Machinery Market
- The NAIC will go ahead with high tech research with multi million pounds backing from The University of Warwick, amongst other beneficiaries.

Manufacturing Chemist
- Dr Michael Chappell, Engineering, is carrying out analysis as tools for quantitative and systems pharmacology to support NC3Rs and reduce animal experiments

Midlands Business News – French company RCD have chosen Warwick University for location of first UK office

Also in: Insider

Midlands Business News – Dave Atkinson has been appointed director for SME funding by Lloyds TSB. He recently completed an accredited training programme at Warwick 

Also in: Insider Media Limited

Birmingham Post

Mortgage Introducer –WBS compiled a survey that has shown bank lending to businesses to be at its lowest since 2006

New Civil Engineer Mention of the new Tunnelling course at Warwick

Practical Parenting & Pregnancy – Warwick Medical School researchers have devised a formula to predict your chances of pregnancy according to your age

Also in: Healthy Women

Re:Locate  – Graduates remain positive despite economic realities. Professor Peter Elias, Warwick co-investigator, comments

Student BMJ – Mobile phone apps have been devised in order to make orthopaedics easier to understand for students. 2nd Year Medical Student of Warwick reviews

Sunday Telegraph - Article on those in the running to take over from Mervyn King as Governor of the Bank of England, mentioning Warwick graduates Andy Haldane and Spencer Dale

The Sunday Times – Rising costs of Asian factories may bring manufacturing back home. The government has taken steps to improve Britain’s manufacturing sector, starting with WMG amongst other research centres

- Cyclists have celebrated the opening of the latest stretch of a £1 million cycleway lining the town with Warwick University
Also in Leamington Courier

The Telegraph – Dr Laura Schwartz, assistant Professor at the University of Warwick, supports the battle for the Women’s Library

- Rachel O'Reilly, Chemistry, reviews Principles of Polymer Chemistry and student Rachel Dalling reviews Chemistry in Focus

THE – A survey carried out by the University of Warwick found that half the graduates of University were keen to further their education but did not pursue further study due to their reluctance to take on more debt

THE – Rachel Dalling, Chemistry reviews ‘Chemistry in Focus’ textbook

Also in: BIS

THE – Professor Alan Harrison, previous lecturer at WBS, has died

THE – Former Registrar Michael Shattock and Professor Fred Inglis, History, give their views into the different categories Vice Chancellor fall into

THE – Professor Thomas Doherty, English, gives his opinion on the NHC’s attempt at gaining degree-awarding powers

THE – A campus round up talks of Warwick University’s ’Reinvention’ academic undergraduate research journal

THE – Table with Warwick’s grant award’s success rates along with other leading institutions and how they fared 2009-2012

The Business Desk – University of Warwick awarded 2.2m for Science innovation. President Professor Nigel Thrift comments

Top Gear Magazine
- WMG have created an F3 car that runs on biodiesel generated from chocolate waste

Utility Week - Monica Giulietti, WBS, comments on possible changes to energy tariffs

Weekly Telegraph
- Professor James Mitchell, WBS, comments on the latest GDP figures

Your Healthy Living Researchers, drawn from several institutions, including University of Warwick's Medical School, found a strong positive correlation between high fruit and vegetable consumption and mental wellbeing


Chamber News - Unitemps has opened a new franchise in Leicester

Birmingham Post – Lord Bhattacharyya, WMG, discusses new WMG Academy and improving education in order to secure gradates the best jobs

Coventry Observer - VC Professor Nigel Thrift comments on claims by Santander that local students add £245 million to the local economy

Coventry Telegraph – New 2.9m research centre at Warwick is launched. British Minister pledges to give new power to small firms. Michael Fallon appointed sounding board for new policies

Also in: Midlands Business News

Birmingham Post

Birmingham Mail

This is Money


The Scotsman

The Herald


Mail on Sunday


Technology Strategy Board


Coventry Telegraph – University of Warwick, short listed in the best knowledge transfer partnership category 2012 and pair with private firms for development of ground-breaking new products

Coventry Telegraph – WBS students are giving themselves just 24 hours to raise £1,500 on behalf of sick and premature babies

Coventry Telegraph
- Warwick is to host some of the UK Corporate Games

Coventry Telegraph – A study shows Warwick University as having one of the highest percentages of academics with doctorates

Coventry Telegraph
- Article on the new WMG Academy which is being planned for on campus

Also in: Coventry Observer

Coventry Telegraph – Alan Roe, Ecomonics graduate, has headed a report that discusses the possibility of 14,000 jobs being created around Coventry

Coventry Telegraph
- Graduate Nathan Louise is working at the Coventry foodbank

Coventry Telegraph
– Stepnell has completed a £2.4 million refurbishment of student accommodation and library at Warwick

Also in: FM World

East Anglian Daily Times – Scientists from Warwick have collaborated with other University researchers to research further into the circulatory system

Essex County Standard - A Warwick study has found families that own a dog have less days off school and work

Jersey Post
- Warwick is one of three universities charging students from Jersey international student rates

Kenilworth Weekly News – A detailed study by Warwick students found the best way to bring revenue back to Kenilworth Castle’s grounds could be to include a hotel or leisure complex

Leamington Observer – Peter Dunn, Head of Communications, Warwick, comments on the disruption being caused to Leamington Spa residents due to student’s continuous partying

Nottingham Evening Post – Nottingham Business Park are now rolling out an automated cancer screening system known as BD FocalPoint. Warwick has sequencing tenders towards this

This is Bristol – Piece on the soon to be first mayor of Bristol city. Professor Grant, Politics, comments

Warwick Courier – Piece on Catherine Thompson, Student Recruitment at Warwick, raised £3,0000 when she trekked across the Sahara Desert as a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer support

Worcester News
- VC Professor Nigel Thrift visited Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College to speak to geography students