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External Affairs Away Day - Thurs 1 May

Thank you to everyone who has agreed to host an unconference session. We only have one morning session this time so please choose a first and second choice in case some sessions are oversubscribed. Please email your choices to

Session rules

These sessions are most effective when people really make the effort to share their views and experiences. There are some basic rules:

1) Everyone is welcome to speak
2) There are no right or wrong answers
3) Everyone should be treated with respect

Host Session
Sam Boulby

'Fewer words'

Can we say more by writing less? We all need to think about how we communicate and edit our writing. People are invited to bring along some good and bad examples and we can see if we can all do any better.

Amy Howes and Dave Musson

Social media and web analytics - why is it important and free tools you can use
Luke Taylor

'Everything you wanted to know about fundraising, but were afraid to ask!'

This will be an open forum that will help others understand what the fundraising team does and what the strategic priorities are