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Digital Screens Network Meeting (12/9/23) Notes

Update on the Digital Screen Refresh

  • New digital screen design has been signed off by Brand and the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Simple, modern design. White, grey and Warwick Aubergine.
  • Main content is the focus of the design.
  • Widget area on the right for rolling, dynamic content, such as: study space availability, event calendars, cultural content. This can be changed to show different information per location. Study Space availability might only be used in the Library, for example.
  • Departments will have access to the Main content zone.
  • Header area will rotate between the 5 main Global Playlist categories: Students & SU, Study, Get Involved, Offers and Wellbeing & Support. Departmental content will appear between each of these areas, so will play more frequently.
  • Below that is the standard Welcome to the department, and location to help with wayfinding. Date and Time bottom right.
  • We're adding Audience Filters for every screen to help direct content to: Staff, UG Students, PG Students and External. This will help you target global content to specific audiences, if required.
  • These, along with location categories, will be added to the Content Submission Form once they're available.

New Features

  • We've added the ability to show sitebuilder Calendars and News items onto the screens automatically.
  • These will be discussed at a departmental level, but will be included at the Global level too (for example, Warwick Presents).
  • We can style and brand these screens to match departments with an aim to reduce the number of event assets you need to produce to promote events.
  • Events will appear when added to sitebuilder (without needing to update) and disappear once they happen.
  • Initial designs have 6 events that scroll automatically, but this can be changed in future.
  • An example of what this might look like (WIP):