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Our initiatives help us to move forward ED&I activity across the University community. Get involved with ED&I initiatives at Warwick using the links below (or scroll to see more detail):

If you have any ideas for ED&I initiatives that you think would be great to have here at Warwick, contact us and let us know.


Gender Initiatives

We have a range of initiatives promoting gender equality, including our work on the Athena SWAN Charter Mark and work led by our Gender Task Force.

Learn more about the Inspiring Women series, the work we're doing on women’s careers, student programmes and societies, and major projects such as PLOTINA on the Gender Initiatives webpage.


LGBTUA+ Initiatives

We have a range of initiatives promoting LGBTUA+ equality, including our work on the Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index and work led by our LGBTUA+ Taskforce.

Find the Trans Web Portal, sign up to be an LGBTUA+ Supporter, read profiles of LGBTUA+ Role Models, and request a pronoun badge on our LGBTUA+ Initiatives webpage.


Other ED&I Initiatives

Employers for Carers

Warwick is a member of Carers UK Business Forum, therefore providing all staff with access to the Employers for Carers (EfC) platform. EfC provides resources for employers, line managers, and essential guides for working carers.

Find more information about Employers for Carers.


Carer Guidelines

The University recognises that many of our employees will take on some form of caring responsibilities at some point in their lives. This guidance document outlines the support available to employees with caring responsibilities, to assist them in achieving a sufficient balance between their work and caring commitments.

Find more information in the Carer Guidelines .


Book Loan - Menopause: The Change for the Better

We are delighted to have two copies of Deborah Garlick's (Henpicked) new book 'Menopause: The Change for the Better' available for loan to any member of staff.

Read reviews from staff who have already read the book and complete the form to borrow it yourself, on our Book Loan - Menopause: The Change for the Better webpage.


Diversity Calendar

Each academic year we produce a calendar featuring images that staff and students have submitted. The theme is "Diversity through the lens of a camera".

Download or request a copy of this years' calendar and submit your photos for next years' calendar on the Diversity Calendar webpage.


Expression Rooms

Warwick has dedicated milk expressing rooms across campus to assist those returning from maternity leave and still breastfeeding.

Find the locations and book a room online on the Expression Rooms webpage.


Kindness Cards

We're working to create a kinder Warwick. #KindWarwick cards are being shared across the University, to encourage the spread of small acts of kindness across the campus.

Request a pack on the Kindness Cards webpage.


The Most Important Things People Want You To Know About Disability & Caring

As disability and caring can often be invisible issues we asked staff and students ‘What’s the most important thing you would want people to know about disability/caring?’ we received so many fantastic and thought-provoking comments we got them printed as a booklet so we can share them with the wider Warwick community.

See some of the quotes, and download or request a copy of the booklet on the The Most Important Things People Want You To Know About Disability & Caring webpage.


Working, Learning, Living

Inspired by the Royal Society's Parent Carer Scientist project, we’ve created our own booklet 'Working, Learning, Living' to showcase how staff and students all across Warwick combine their work and home commitments.

Download or request a copy of the booklet, and submit your story, on the Working, Learning, Living webpage.


HIV Guidelines

The University is committed to equality of opportunity for all staff and students to protect and promote the health and wellbeing, enabling everyone to be their absolute self during work and study. We aim to provide a fair and supportive working environment that is free from discrimination and prejudice for employees living with HIV. The University accepts that it has a role and responsibility to raise awareness, provide information and advice on HIV or AIDS.

Find more information in the HIV Guidelines .