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LGBTQUA+ Initiatives

Our initiatives help us to move forward ED&I activity across the University community. Get involved with LGBTQUA+ equality initiatives at Warwick using the links below (or scroll to see more detail):

If you have any ideas for LGBTQUA+ initiatives that you think would be great to have here at Warwick, contact us and let us know.


Trans Web Portal

A hub of resources and guidance for staff and students for everything you need to know about being trans at Warwick, including locations of gender neutral facilities on campus, how to change your name and gender marker on University records, and where to find support.

Find all the information you need on the Trans Web Portal.



Have you seen any rainbow lanyards around campus? Then chances are you've met one of the growing number of LGBTQUA+ Allies, who have committed to promote an open and inclusive environment for all staff and students.

Become an Ally today on the LGBTQUA+ Allies webpage.


LGBTQUA+ Events Group

Formed in 2019 to coordinate our programme of events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the LGBTQUA+ Events Group now leads on the coordination of LGBTQUA+ awareness events at Warwick.

Find more information, and join the distribution list, on the LGBTQUA+ Events Group webpage.


LGBTQUA+ Role Models

This guide tells the stories of a small group of LGBTQUA+ people made up of students, staff, and alumni who have chosen to share their experiences of Warwick with you. Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported in their work and studies, and this guide aims to demonstrate that you most certainly can at the University of Warwick.

Read the profiles of the LGBTQUA+ Role Models webpage.


Pronouns: Let's Get It Right

When someone is referred to with a pronoun (e.g. he/she/they) that doesn’t align with their gender identity, it can make them feel alienated. Getting pronouns right is a basic way to respect a person’s gender identity. To help build your knowledge, we've listed six ideas for getting pronouns right.

Find more information on the Pronouns: Let's Get it Right webpage.


Gender Neutrality

Gender Neutral Facilities

The University recognises the many non-binary and gender-fluid identities that exist, and there are plans to increase the number of gender-neutral toilets available across the campus. You can find a full list of existing gender-neutral facilities on campus here.

Gender-neutral language

To ensure that gender-neutral language is used consistently throughout the University, both in official correspondence and internal documentation, all documents avoid gender-specific language wherever possible. This is in line with the University’s Trans and Gender Reassignment Policy (Section 17).

Read more about our approach to use of gender neutral language here .


LGBTQUA+ Inclusion - Getting Started

The resources on this page will enable you to get started, have the courage to start conversations and ensure an open mindset to listen to people's experiences.

Find everything you need on the LGBTQUA+ Inclusion - Getting Started webpage.


Rainbow Taskforce

This Taskforce is an advisory body which makes recommendations to the Social Inclusion Committee on LGBTQUA+ equality matters (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, undefined, asexual, and identities which are subject to similar forms of prejudice and discrimination).

Find more information about the Rainbow Taskforce here, or email the Rainbow Taskforce Chairs at


Trans & Queer Pedagogies Learning Circle

The Trans & Queer Pedagogy Learning Circle focuses on gender-diverse and trans-inclusive teaching and queer pedagogy in particular. The group is open to all members of staff and students at Warwick. Members engage in discussion, explore existing literature and practice, and share teaching and learning practices, as well as exploring the trans student learning experience.

Find more information on the Trans & Queer Pedagogies Learning Circle webpage.


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