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West Midlands Bus on Demand

Announcing the West Midlands Bus on Demand

As part of our transport and mobility strategy to provide you with a wider range of sustainable travel options, and in partnership with Transport for West Midlands, we have launched an exciting new service called the 'West Midlands Bus on Demand'.

Please scroll down to see the tarriffs for journeys after that date and how to set up payment information.

What is the West Midlands Bus on Demand?

West Midlands Bus On Demand is a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service that meets you wherever you are. Think of it as a cross between a taxi and a bus.

You can book a ride in the West Midlands On Demand app by inserting a pick-up and drop-off location. You’ll then be matched with other passengers heading in the same direction. You can book rides when you're ready to go, or pre-book rides days in advance.

Where will it operate?

West Midlands On Demand will operate in the surrounding areas of the University of Warwick, including Kenilworth, Warwick Parkway, University Hospital Coventry, Leamington Spa & the Wellesbourne campus.

So, if you commute to campus from these areas but don't have a convenient bus stop near you, then the West Midlands On Demand bus can help get you there.

West Midlands Bus on Demand Coverage

West Midlands Bus on Demand Coverage

Bus stops are in the following areas

  • Meriden
  • Balsall Common
  • Several stops between coventry, the Univeristy of Warwick and Kenilworth

How does it work?

How do I use the service?

Everything you need to use this service can be easily organised through the West Midlands Bus On demand app.

After you've downloaded the app called 'WM on Demand' (Google Play / Apple IOS), created your account and registered your payment details, you can then begin to book your rides.

1. Select your pick-up point

  • Insert an address or place the pick-up pin on the map.
  • The app will then assign you to a ‘virtual bus stop’ - choosing the most convenient and efficient location for you to be picked up from.

2. Select your destination

  • Choose your destination and journey time (you can book immediately or up to two days in advance)
  • Sometimes the app might suggest you take a normal bus service to save time. You can choose to ignore this and continue to book the on-demand bus service.

3. Choose the day and time of your trip

  • Select what time and on which day you want to book this ride for.

4. Confirmation

  • You'll receive a SMS notification confirming that your ride is booked and when it's on its way too. You can also track the bus in real time in the West Midlands On Demand app.

On-demand is available Monday to Friday, 7am until 7pm in:

  • Balsall Common
  • Kenilworth
  • Leamington Spa
  • Meriden
  • University of Warwick
  • Warwick Parkway
  • Wellesbourne
  • University Hospital Coventry
  • Pool Meadow Bus Station
  • Shop Mobility Coventry

Catching the bus

You will be told a time and a place to catch the bus from. Arrive ahead of your pick-up time as we cannot wait for you if you are running late.

You should hold your arm out when you see the bus approaching.

If the bus does not turn up, check the app or call 0345 034 8670.

The bus is not a taxi. You will pick up and drop off other people on the way to your destination.


Individual journey prices are based on distance. You can add up to 3 people to your journey for £1. For those paying as you ride we’ll charge your card after your journey is complete.

We are now also offering Ride Passes. Offered as either a 12 (£25) or 30 (£50) Ride Pass bundle, they entitle you to take individual journeys to any destination within the WM On Demand operational zone. For frequent riders these offer a saving on individual journeys, especially if you are frequently making longer trips.

Journeys starting in Coventry to:

  • Coventry - £3
  • Kenilworth - £4
  • University of Warwick - £3

Journeys starting in Kenilworth to:

  • Coventry - £3
  • University of Warwick - £3
  • Wellesbourne - £5

Journeys starting in Leamington Spa to:

  • University of Warwick - £4
  • Wellesbourne - £5

Journeys starting at University of Warwick to:

  • Coventry - £3
  • Kenilworth - £3
  • Leamington Spa - £4
  • University of Warwick - £1
  • Warwick Parkway - £5
  • Wellesbourne - £6

Journeys starting in Wellesbourne to:

  • Kenilworth - £5
  • Leamington Spa - £4
  • University of Warwick - £6
  • Warwick Parkway - £4

Journeys starting at Warwick Parkway to:

  • University of Warwick - £5
  • Wellesbourne - £4

To keep up to date on this initiative you can sign up to page notifications by email.

Find out more about the service here: West Midlands on Demand Bus

There aren’t currently any changes to the travel policy and business cars, however the University is reviewing this policy, amongst others, in light of our climate emergency declaration.