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Section 7 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure

7. Timescales for making complaints

7.1 Complaints should be raised with the most relevant service area or member of staff as soon as possible to ensure prompt investigation and, wherever possible, swift resolution. Complaints, subject to the paragraph below, will not be considered if they are raised more than three months after the complainant became aware of the issue they wished to complain about and, in any event, not more than six months after the cause for complaint.

7.2 However, if it appears to the Academic Registrar, having considered the possible consequences for either complainant or respondent/s, that it would be fair to allow a complaint to proceed, the Academic Registrar may determine that the time limits in 7.1 above should not apply.

7.3 Once an outcome has been provided at Stage 1 Frontline/ Local Resolution Stage, a complainant (or their representative) who is dissatisfied with that outcome has 10 University working days to escalate (together with supporting grounds) their complaint to Stage 2 (see below for further information).

7.4 Following communication of the written outcome from the formal Stage 2 Departmental Investigation and Resolution Stage, the complainant (or their representative) has 10 University working days to escalate (together with supporting grounds) their complaint to Stage 3 (see below for further information).

7.5 The Academic Registrar may, at their sole discretion, extend the time limits set out in 7.3 and 7.4 above.

7.6 International students must make themselves aware of immigration implications should consideration of their complaint extend beyond their permission to stay. A complainant would not typically be required to be present at the University for a complaint to be investigated, though participation in an investigatory interview via the phone or other means may be necessary.

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