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OPeRA Purchase Orders

Is there a guide to ordering materials or equipment with a hazard potential?

The guide to purchasing material and equipment with a hazard potential can be found here.

I'm placing an order for an advert is there a guide to VAT?

A guide to zero rated charitable advertising can be found here. 

I'm placing an order for medical purposes is there a guide to VAT?

A guide to zero rated medical purchases can be found here and examples of eligible purchases can be found here.

I’ve received notification from the Purchasing office that fax/email transmission of the order has failed, what do I do?

The intent is to establish a live link between SAP and Opera that will sync the vendor details. Vendor records can then be updated in SAP using the MK02 report and the details will be transferred into Opera. Pre-releasers are notified when the link is in operation and will be responsible for updating the Vendor details in SAP. If the link is not in operation fax and email details can be updated manually you would need to contact the opera team with the relevant details.

My order hasn’t arrived what should I do?

Check with the supplier if the order has been received. If the supplier hasn’t received the order please refer this to the Purchasing Office. They will then advise.

RS components have no record of my order what should I do?

If the Order placed with RS components had a zero rated VAT code then the order will be processed manually, this may cause a delay. To contact the correct department within RS components please telephone 01536 444222 or email