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Variable Monthly Staff

Payment Arrangements

Requests for payment to variable/temporary workers should be made via SuccessFactors, our new HR system. In some instances, where a temporary/variable worker is unable to record their hours worked, departments will submit a request for payment to the Payroll department via one of the forms below or via the submission of an electronic timesheet. The forms found below are to be used and submitted to the Payroll department only where they are not able to record their hours worked within SuccessFactors.

Please note, before submitting any request to pay a variable/temporary worker, you must ensure that a Request to engage a temporary/occasional worker form (see link on right) has been submitted to the HR Administration team in Shared Services. This form must be submitted regardless of the length of the assignment. It will not be possible for Payroll to process payments where HR Administration has not received and processed this form.

Further information about variable/temporary work, along with details and copies of the supporting documentation that you may need to submit to HR Administration with the request to engage form, can be found on the non-employment arrangements webpages here.

The individual will be issued with an assignment agreement by HR Administration if their assignment lasts four weeks or more.


Any variable/temporary worker who is leaving the University at the end of their assignment must be made a leaver in SuccessFactors. Guidance on how to do this can be found in the 'How to Process a Leaver in SuccessFactors' guide on the HR Leavers' web page here.


Payment request, expenses and details amendment forms

Timesheet (non-academic, hourly paid work) (Revised Mar 2016)

Payment request form (Word Document) (for other assignments) (Amended July 2016)

Instructions on how to calculate holiday pay (Word Document)

Expenses request form(Excel Spreadsheet) (Amended 2017)

Personal Details Amendment form



Quick links

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Variable/temporary work - further details and HR Administration forms

When accessing some of our forms you may be redirected to Office 365. If this is the case please enter your University email address in the following format and hit enter (you do not need to put in your password at this stage).