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Portfolio Delivery

About Portfolio Delivery

Portfolio Delivery define and operate best practice standards for delivering change. We deliver University projects and products in a consistent and meaningful way, using robust methodology and governance models, and utilising continuous improvement to ensure the University sees the tangible benefits of the change initiative and investment.

We are value focused, and our approach to delivery is to work collaboratively with real users and subject matter experts to understand the true motivations and requirements. We strive to deliver high quality outputs to both time and cost and use a data driven approach where possible to give University decision makers all the information they need to make effective decisions.

Our teams operate around a number of products and projects within a portfolio context. These are largely based around the Higher Education Reference Model collaboratively devised by UCISA, CAUDIT and EDUCAUSE as a reference point for HE functions. We have chosen to create portfolios that focus on overarching themes at the University, such as Student Lifecycle, Teaching & Learning, Research, Professional Services, Digital Communication Channels and Enabling Platforms.

Whilst there are many complex product definitions, we consider our products to be defined as University services or experiences, for example, Student Recruitment, Curriculum Management, HR, and People Management. All long-lived, real-world things we can point to. Our product teams are the enablers for those University services or experiences, and we have a continuous improvement ethos in supporting the technology and processes that bring them to life at Warwick. In comparison, our projects are designed to start and finish with a defined vision and specific outcomes or benefits. They may exist inside or outside of the portfolio and product context, depending on their nature, size, and complexity, but once the project is closed it is likely the technology will be handed over to one of our product teams to continue to evolve it.

Each of our products has a roadmap developed in partnership with business owners. The roadmap outlines the changes needed to realise our long-term goals aligned to University strategy, operational strategy, and business feedback so we can swing the balance from reactive to proactive.