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OneDrive for students and staff

OneDrive is your file storage in the cloud for all information that relates to your studies or work at the University. It’s available to all members of the University while they study or work here and is linked to your personal IT account at Warwick.

Why use OneDrive?

1. Collaboration

OneDrive is ideal for work in progress, in real time, before finalising and storing elsewhere - such as SharePoint Online. You can also use OneDrive if the document you are working on is something you'd like to keep private or retain for a short time.

You can share files individually and work on documents with others at the same time. This makes working with colleagues and students inside or outside of Warwick faster and smarter.

2. Security controls

Personal files or documents that only you are working on can be securely stored on OneDrive. Think of it as your personal workspace – a cloud version of 'My Documents'. OneDrive includes data recovery features to help protect your files from loss, and our University policies help keep your information safe.

  • Files are encrypted to prevent them being read as they go across the internet.
  • You can restore files for a limited period if you accidentally delete something important.
  • You can return to the previous versions of a file if you decide to undo a change.

3. Work across apps

OneDrive seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps, making it easy to access your files and collaborate with others.

4. Access anywhere

Access and make changes to your files anywhere when you’re online.

5. Generous storage

You have a huge 1TB of storage in OneDrive (more on request) so you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of space.

OneDrive FAQs