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Warwick Ventures News 2002

21st May 2002

Roman 'virtual reality' recreated

12th December 2002

Moscow State University Forges Partnership with Warwick Ventures to Develop Technology Transfer

12th September 2002

Cambridge Enterprise Conference announces winner of international business plan competition

16th July 2002

Military Virtual Reality Technology to Become Corporate Team Training Tool

15th July 2002

£5,000 award for high tech mini loudspeaker technology

8th July 2002

Spinner spins-off its first Business Development Manager

26th June 2002

Enterprise Fellowship Scheme to Spread its Wings

23rd May 2002

New Companies Spring into Action

14th May 2002

Topscore Reaches For Perfection

30th April 2002

Shibden Technologies Ltd Reach Last Five of the NERC Business Plan Awards

12th March 2002

Warwick Moulding Technology Launches New Corporate Logo

12th March 2002

Connect Midlands 'Meets The Entrepreneur' At The Space Centre

1st March 2002

Mercia Biotech - A BEP comprising of two NHS trusts renowned for their excellence in research in biotechnology and medical innovations

26th February 2002

Researchers Devise Process to Make Designer Plastics for Hairspray, Anti-Obesity Drugs and Inkjet Printer Ink

14th February 2002

Dig-ePrint Ltd Springs Into Action

5th February 2002

Virtual Reality Technology to Give Companies Commercial Edge in Exploiting their Business Data

1st February 2002

Corner chemists and small photo shops to benefit from new digital 1 hour photo technology

24th January 2002

Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd

23rd January 2002

Enterprise Fellowship Scheme to Sow Seeds of Success

21st January 2002

New Companies Spring Into Action

21st January 2002

Warwick Moulding Technologies

19th January 2002

X-Analyser Goes Global!

18th January 2002

Warwick Ventures Spins Off Another Winner