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Warwick Moulding Technology Launches New Corporate Logo

Warwick Moulding Technology Ltd, based at Warwick Manufacturing Group is to launch their new corporate image at the end of March 2002. WmTec, the new name Warwick Moulding Technology will be forging the links between the research at the University of Warwick and the commercial opportunities available to the plastic moulding industry. 

WmTec currently have available the Koolgas product, which focuses on the innovation of using cool gases injected into plastics - resulting in an increase of 40% higher efficiency of cooling and formation of the part when compared to gas assisted injection moulding currently adapted by today’s manufacturers.

Wmtec have passion for their work. They are working hard on further research producing dramatic results - an additional two products to be launched later on this year. A contract is now in place with a large, prestigious company within the industry. This proves that there will be no stopping them continuously striving to meet the ever increasing demands, refining their service to impeccable quality and setting the standard for their competitors.

The new identity reflects their objectives in every dimension - revealing that wmTec are taking it seriously - and are out to impress.