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X-Analyser Goes Global

WCT have developed a remote-monitoring interface for their CAN bus analyser product, X-Analyser. The interface allows engineers to monitor Controller Area Network (CAN) systems across the internet - providing many new diagnostics opportunities; for instance allowing engineers to diagnose faults on their vehicles anywhere in the world, without actually having to leave the office. It is also useful during vehicle testing, to monitor the CAN bus from an office or lab away from the actual test itself; and inautomation environments, to monitor a number of CAN networks from one location.

Chris Quigley, Managing Director of WCT, said 

"We’ve listened carefully to our customers during the development of the X-Analyser. With their help we firmly believe we offer a product which appeals to any CAN user who wants a low-cost, feature-rich and easy-to-use tool that can be put to use immediately, without the need for training. This new product adds further flexibility to the X-Analyser’s many and varied applications."

WCT are offering a free demo version of the X-Analyser, available from their website at, or directly from them on 02476 323 312.

Further information for editors:

WCT is based in Coventry, UK. It specialises in CAN related tools and services. Some typical customer applications of the X-Analyser software include satellite development, production line commissioning, machine building, automotive diagnostics and calibration, and formula 1 motor racing.