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Shibden Technologies Ltd Reach Last Five of the NERC Business Plan Awards

Shibden Technologies Ltd, a spin-off company generated from the University of Warwick has been selected as one of five finalists to the NERC’s Business Plan Competition. Already having £5,000 in the bag, Professor Roger Green and Professor David Hutchins will be striving to be the best and secure the top prize of £25,000.

Shibden Technologies Ltd is led by Professor Roger Green from the Engineering Department of the University of Warwick. Professor Green and Professor David Hutchins will be presenting their business plan to a panel of judges and fighting for first place on the 8th May 2002. This prestigious event will be held at The Royal Society in London.

Professor Green and Professor Hutchins have created their business plan based on a novel audio speaker technology, on which a patent has already been filed.

This technology uses ultrasonic sound to generate high-fidelity sound in the normal hearing range. Since ultrasonics have shorter wavelengths than ordinary sound, they can be produced from smaller speakers, so our technology permits the design of speakers to be reduced to a few centimeters across to produce high-fidelity sound which would normally require "woofers" of over 10 centimeters.

Professor Green is not a new face to the innovation world, having recently filed many patents for his innovations through Warwick Ventures, University of Warwick.

For further information, please contact:
Professor Roger Green on
Tel: 024 7652 3133, Email: 

Alternatively, you may contact:
Dr Ederyn Williams, Warwick Ventures on
Tel: 024765 323313, Email: