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Meadoweb to offer remote IT support

Two ex-Warwick University students have launched a small business to provide remote IT support

A small UK technology start-up called Meadoweb is using enterprise funding to try to build a business offering remote IT management of PCs, initially focusing on the legal profession.

There are plenty of off-the-shelf applications available that provide remote management and diagnostics of PCs, but the company says it has developed software to encrypt the traffic between the customer and the support technician, as well as to both manage and record the support session to help in employee training.

The company was started by Kundan Misra and Charlie Wang, two former University of Warwick students, with funding from the university's Enterprise Fellowship Scheme (EFS).

Meadoweb offers a free three-month trial, and charges a small monthly subscription fee for the service. Misra said that the founders had looked at venture capital financing, but that it made sense to use enterprise funding to build a real customer base first.

"We would like to get venture capital, but we think we'd be in a better position once we've got 1,000 users. We'll iron out the problems, and then go for venture funding," he said.

by Michael Parsons /