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Warwick Ventures News 2007

31st October 2007   Celebrating Healthy Eating
Community leaders and members in the Foleshill area are gathering to celebrate Eid and Divali at the Muslim Resource Centre with local healthcare staff.
10th October 2007  

Warwick backs the sole UK Archon X-Prize entrant
Warwick Spin Out, base4innovation, has launched as the UK's sole entrant, and only non-US company to compete in the Archon XPrize Competition to sequence the human genome.

29th September 2007  

Prints Charming (
Warwick University researchers have devised a new way to “unwarp” prints, to create clear digital representations
that can then be mapped on to an “image space” of all fingerprints held on a database. The scientists say the “unwarping”
is so effective that, for the first time, it is possible to compare the positions of individual sweat pores on fingerprints.

6th September 2007   University Tech Spinoffs "better" (
The director of Warwick University's technology transfer office, Dr. Ederyn Williams, is bullish about the UK's achievements.
24th August 2007   The future of biometrics at The London Science Museum
It is often said that the future of the security industry lies in biometrics. But what about the future of biometrics? Info4security's Steve Vickers paid a visit to a special exhibition at London’s Science Museum to check out some of the very latest developments.
11th July 2007   Warwick Audio Technologies Receives Funding into Innovative Loudspeaker Technology
Synergis Technologies Ltd. and the Mercia Technology Seed Fund (MTSF) have committed to an investment of £500,000 into Warwick Audio Technologies Limited (WAT), a spin out company from the University of Warwick. The company has developed an innovative mid-range loudspeaker that is ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive to manufacture.
19th July 2007   Warwick Ventures on NIHRC Commissioning Panel
Warwick Ventures Business Development Manager, Dr. Shum Prakash, was recently invited to sit on the prestigious National Institute for Health's new "Research for innovation, speculation, and creativity" (RISC)programme.
20th April 2007   Warwick Spin Out subsidiary, "Allinea Software" expands into the US
Allinea Software, a leading supplier of interoperable high performance computing software, today announced the opening of their sales office in the United States.