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Allinea software used in US flagship supercomputer project

Allinea Blue Water projectDebugging software produced by University of Warwick spinout Allinea Software is being used by scientists working on the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

Allinea Software’s technology will enable the Blue Waters project, based in Illinois, in the US, to rapidly fix bugs at full scale and enable the machine to exploit its full computational power.

Scientists hope to use the computer, due to be operational by Autumn 2012, to deliver breakthroughs in nearly all areas of science and engineering – to enable discoveries into real-world science and engineering, from astrophysics to DNA, from earthquakes to epidemics.

Allinea Software’s CTO, David Lecomber, said: “Allinea DDT is the only debugger capable of debugging at this scale. We are extremely proud to be part of this project and have found the team’s commitment and passion to create a resource that will help solve extremely challenging and global problems to be in line with our own.”

For more information, go to Allinea’s website.