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goHDR unveils world first in television technology

goHDR4 April 2012

Innovative television technology that’s as clever as the human eye is to be showcased by University of Warwick spinout company goHDR at the NAB Show® in Las Vegas, later this month.

goHDR will provide the world with its first glimpse of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, screened on a commercial HDR display, enabling viewers to see images filmed with exceptional lighting detail.

Alan Chalmers, Professor of Visualisation at WMG, University of Warwick and Innovation Director at goHDR, explains: “High Dynamic Range video is the next big step in TV imaging – similar to the change from black and white to colour TV. For the first time, viewers will be able to see scenes on TV just as they would in real life, without losing detail in the glare of bright sunlight or in deep shadow.”

goHDR, in partnership with WMG at the University of Warwick, is one of only a handful of companies invited to demonstrate its technology at the International Research Park of the world’s largest media show, the NAB Show® in Las Vegas from 14-19 April 2012.

The company is developing compression technology that will enable the huge data streams produced by HDR video cameras to be displayed on a TV screen. As part of its demonstration at the show, goHDR has just announced it will be teaming up with the innovative Italian company, SIM2, to enable the HDR content produced by goHDR to be screened on SIM2’s first commercial HDR display, the HDR47E monitor.

“The data stream produced by HDR cameras is huge – equivalent to a CD worth of data per second. To address this issue, goHDR has produced two products: an Encoder which compresses the data to allow it to be transferred to a display, and a Media Player, which reverses the process and allows the pictures to be viewed with all the glorious lighting detail preserved,” says Professor Chalmers.

Over the past two years goHDR has had exclusive access to the world’s first true HDR video camera, built by German company SpheronVR, and has produced a number of short films to showcase the technology. This will be the first time the company has been able to demonstrate its work, using SIM2’s HDR47E monitor, to a wide audience, outside the laboratory.

“We are very excited to be working with SIM2 to display HDR content on the world’s first commercial HDR display,” says Professor Chalmers. “TV viewers will get an exclusive glimpse at the significant difference that this technology will make to their viewing experience. HDR is coming. At NAB you will be able to see what the future will be like.”

“We are proud to be part of goHDR’s new video technology showcase in Las Vegas. Our HDR47E monitor is a technological tour-de-force developed by SIM2 engineers to make full use of the real-life dynamic range of HDR images,” says Alberto Fabiano EVP SIM2 USA Inc. “The goHDR presentation will be, yet again, another opportunity to show the world SIM2's technology leadership: an experience that streams down to our entire line of precision products hand-made in Italy."

The NAB Show, run by the US National Association of Broadcasters boasts more than 1,500 exhibitors and an expected 90,000 attendees from 150 countries.

goHDR was set up in 2009 with assistance from Warwick Ventures, the University of Warwick’s technology commercialisation arm and is founded on research carried out by WMG.

The film clips produced by goHDR are also available on the company’s website ( where they have been specially treated, using a technique called tonemapping, to give an idea of what they would look like on an HDR display.


For further information, please contact:
Professor Alan Chalmers, tel: +44 (0)2476 522102, mob: +44 (0)7824 540960, email:

Notes to Editors:

1. goHDR is a software business, whose niche is to provide advanced data compression algorithms to all those who are developing High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Its aim is to be the leader in the software that enables HDR video. For more information, go to

2. About SIM2 Multimedia
Founded in 1995, SIM2 is an Italian electronics company and worldwide manufacturer of high-performance large screen systems (for control rooms and simulations) and professional projection systems for E-cinema applications and award-winning home theatre products. In a world dominated by large multinational corporations, SIM2 is one of the few European companies that, through its strong commitment to innovation, know-how and focused activities has been able to establish a remarkable global reputation. The company provides the most innovative and highly precise instruments for many video applications. SIM2 Multimedia’s headquarters are located in Pordenone, Italy.

3. WMG was founded by Professor Lord Bhattacharyya in 1980 to help reinvigorate UK manufacturing. An academic department of the University of Warwick, it is an international role model for how universities and business can successfully work together. WMG is at the forefront of innovative technology, leading major multi-partner projects to create and develop exciting new processes and products that can lead to major breakthroughs and be of huge benefit to organisations. From its inception WMG’s mission has been to improve the competitiveness of organisations through the application of value adding innovation, new technologies and skills deployment, bringing academic rigour to industrial and organisational practice. Today there are some 300 staff working across four buildings on the University of Warwick campus plus collaborative centres in six countries and a turnover of around £36m per year.

4. Warwick Ventures commercialises innovations produced from world-leading research at the University of Warwick. It offers advice and services to the University’s innovators. The company’s role is to support them throughout the process of generating impact and a commercial return from their research, whilst they maintain their academic focus.

Warwick Ventures works closely with industry. Its specialist commercialisation managers provide businesses and investors access to the best of the University’s Intellectual Property. It supports technology development, license IP and create spin-out companies that retain close ties to the University’s expertise. Its innovations span a wide range of technologies and sectors, and new innovations emerge every week. Warwick Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Warwick and plays a key supporting role in building the University’s reputation for research excellence.

5. The NAB Show®, to be held April 14-19 2012 in Las Vegas, is the world's largest electronic media show covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums. With more than 90,000 attendees from 151 countries and 1,500+ exhibitors, the NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for digital media and entertainment. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, the NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways. Complete details are available at