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Swindon welcomes Recycling Technologies

Recycling Technologies Swindon LaunchUniversity of Warwick spin out Recycling Technologies has marked the offical launch of its new Technology and Manufacturing Centre in Swindon.

The company, which is developing a Combined Heat and Power plant that runs off Mixed Plastic Waste, was spun out in 2011, with assistance from Warwick Ventures Ltd, the University’s research commercialisation company. Now they have just opened their first design, testing and manufacturing plant in Swindon where they will manufacture their system, the WarwickFBRTM, designed to produce heat and electricity from plastic normally destined for landfill.

With a strong team and a wide range of advisors including Peter Jones OBE, previously of waste management specialists Biffa, as well as the backing and research credentials of the Universities of Warwick and Birmingham, Recycling Technologies is set to create a new market for post-consumer plastics waste.

Today, according to the waste giant Viridor, 85% of plastic in the UK is still landfilled. Recycling Technologies say that its technology can eliminate this, turning it instead into electricity and heat. Using a process called “Pyrolysis”, the mixed plastics are transformed into gas, filtered to remove impurities and condensed to output a wax like fuel. This fuel can then be used in a suitable engine and generator in place of – for example – diesel.

There are many environmental benefits to this process, including enabling a reduction in the transportation of bailed plastics, a reduction in landfill, and the use of waste to create electricity rather than using virgin fossil fuels. Their system will produce enough fuel to generate up to 3 Megawatts of electricity and a similar amount of heat.

Recycling Technologies initially approached Forward Swindon, the economic development and regeneration company, to assist with their move to Swindon. See more at

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