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Warwick Ventures launches Software Incubator

Software incubatorSoftware entrepreneurs at Warwick are being offered support to get their business off the ground through a new Software Incubator project, launched by the University’s research commercialisation office, Warwick Ventures.

The Incubator is open to staff, students or University alumni who are able to undertake a business development project.

Based in the Avon Building on the University’s Westwood Campus, the Incubator will offer students, graduates and members of staff access to incubator space, as well as to invaluable mentoring, and business advice as they guide their fledgling businesses through the vulnerable early stages of development.

Business Development Managers at Warwick Ventures and other experienced mentors will help through all these stages, finding the right contacts, negotiating early licencing deals, or creating business plans and helping with the mechanics of setting up a business and putting the right legal documents in place. They will also provide training sessions on how to run a company and offer help with finding investors when required.

Warwick Ventures Business Development Manager Brendan Spillane explains:

"We recognise that the number of software entrepreneurs within the university is steadily increasing. Most of these are unlikely to need significant external funding at this stage as overheads and staff costs within the company are likely to be minimal. What they do need is time to develop their software idea, and advice and support. Warwick Ventures is well placed to offer the kinds of support needed to make the difference between failure and outstanding success for these start-up businesses.”

Budding entrepreneurs interested in using the Incubator can find more information in the Warwick Ventures Software Incubator Guide, on the Warwick Ventures website.

For further enquires contact Brendan Spillane at Warwick Ventures at b dot spillane at warwick dot ac dot uk