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Warwick Engineering research and Warwick Acoustics featured on The One Show

Warwick Acoustics is a University of Warwick spinout company, focused on delivering disruptive listening solutions to the high-end headphone market and the $8.0 billion in-car audio market.

The company’s products are based on its patented electrostatic audio transducer modules and their thin, lightweight form factor and power efficient characteristics deliver significant value for these markets.

During 2017, the company released its first product, the Sonoma Model One headphone system, a premium electrostatic wired headphone system aimed at the professional use audiophile community. Since its launch, the product has won seven awards, including Product of the Year from the American magazine, Tone Audio, and the UK’s Hi-Fi+ magazine. The company is now expanding its headphone product portfolio and developing its first products for the automotive market.

Watch Dr Duncan Billson demonstrate how to make a speaker and see technology tested on campus. You can watch this on BBC iPlayer until 16 April and the feature starts at 14.55.