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Service Development Group

The objectives of the Service Development group are:

1. to ensure that the University benefits from its investment in IT services by:

  • understanding the university processes and requirements that benefit from IT support
  • understanding the capability of IT services to deliver benefits
  • enabling end users to exploit current IT services
  • gathering and analysing information about the gap between current IT service delivery and end user requirements and progressing proposals for change to the current service
  • gathering and analysing information about external drivers and their influence on the delivery of ITS
  • with end users, preparing business cases/proposals/bids for delivery of new services or exploitation of current services to benefit particular processes
  • taking those BCs/proposals etc through the necessary channels to result in a clear decision about whether or not they will be progressed.
  • Influencing decision makers by making BCs clearly, at appropriate level of detail , including cost implications, dependencies etc
  • developing appropriate documentation to facilitate the progress from initial idea through to development, testing and implementation
  • In conjunction with project/platform service owners - monitoring progress of initiatives and escalating deviations from commitments; highlighting relevant change in circumstances
  • Advising about end user departments exploitation of centrally provided IT services, working with local provision.
  • managing approved projects through to completion.

2. to ensure the University makes the right investment in ITS by

  • informing the debate about priorities and sensible order of implementation
  • communicating and promoting the role of and services offered by ITS

For the structure and membership of the Service Development group, please see the IT Organisation chart.