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Automated marking of exam papers (Paper Based Assessment)

The OMR exam service is a service which offers scanning and analysis of multiple-choice exam papers using Optical Mark Reader technology.

This service is widely used at Warwick for data collection and automated exam marking.

The benefits include:
  • allowing academics to significantly reduce marking time for large numbers of exam papers
  • marking exams and tests automatically with 48 hours return time
  • comprehensive analysis of student performance, breakdown of results, as well as question and test performance
  • being user friendly for students - simply ticking a box with a pen
4 Easy steps to use the service:
  1. Paper based Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) or Multiple Response Questions (MRQ) are created by the lecturer and the layout for the answer sheets is given to IT Services.
  2. We create a Master copy of the answersheet which is photocopied and distributed by the appropriate department to the students.
  3. The hard copies of the assessments are filled out by students and then sent to ITS for processing (scanning and analysis).
  4. The department receives an analysis of the results as well as the hard copies.

We aim for a 48 hour return of both results and hard copies.

This process significantly cuts the amount of time spent marking and analysing the assessments.


Contact: perception at warwick dot ac dot uk ext 22337 or 07500044120