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Rapidmooc Studios

Introducing the Rapidmooc Studios, a new service at Warwick implemented and supported by the Audio Visual and FOLD Teams. Made up of 'plug and play' dedicated video recording hardware with a studio green screen setup and adjustable lighting, they allow for the creation of professional quality video for blended and online learning, interviews, training and tutorials.

Please watch the Rapidmooc produced 'Getting started with Rapidmooc in 6 minutesLink opens in a new window' video for an introduction to the service.

These 360-degree images show annotated images of the Rapidmooc studios. Click the full-screen button in the top right corner and click on the + hotspot icons to read more about the room equipment and setup. NB You can also tab through the hotspots and select them using space or enter.

Westwood Rapidmooc Studio WA0.21

Central Campus Rapidmooc Studio H2.46

Gibbet Hill Rapidmooc Studio Portacabin

Rapidmooc guides and FAQs