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Paper-based module evaluation forms

The OMR data collection and evaluation service offers scanning and analysis of Students Module Evaluation Forms using Optical Mark Reader technology.

This service is widely used at Warwick for data collection and standardised reporting.

The benefits include:
  • allowing Departments significantly reduce time for data collection and analysis of module evaluation forms
  • providing Departments with individually designed reports where data presented in easy accessible format
  • breakdown of results by programme code including data analysis by departmental needs and requirements
  • being user friendly for students - simply marking a box with a pen

4 Easy steps to use the service:

  1. Module Evaluation form is created by the Department and the layout for the form is given to IT Services.
  2. We create a PDF Master copy of the module evaluation form which is photocopied and distributed by the department to the students.
  3. The hard copies of the module evaluation forms are filled out by students and then send to ITS for processing (scanning and analysis).
  4. The department receives an Analysis of the results as well as the hard copies.

The cost of the service is 30p per page, which makes an annual cost of less than £2,000 for an average size department.

This process dramatically reduces the amount of time spent by academic departments in collecting and analysing student feedback forms.

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