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Support for students

You login to the which gives you access to online assessments created for you by your tutors. These assessments are associated with modules. Depending on your module registrations, you will be offered different tests to take at different times and dates. The tests are all web based. When you click to start an assessment, the test will be delivered.

You then take the test.

When you've completed your attempt, clicking the 'Submit' button will send your results to the servers. The servers will store your results, mark them, and usually offer instant feedback. This may be in the form of a score, a percentage, or even individual feedback on each question. Your tutor will explain whether the tests are open access, invigilated in a PC lab, single attempt only (BEWARE – if this is the case and you start the test, then abandon, you won't be offered it again!), for self testing purposes, or whether there is an element of module credit attached.

They will also explain when the tests are available.

Please be sure to read through the following sections prior to making a test attempt or contacting us (

  • Student Responsibilities is a handout designed to help you troubleshoot CAA queries.
  • System requirements
  • Before you attempt a test
  • Known Issues
  • CAA - Technical Support


TQEF Modern Languages E-learning Project

The aim of the project is to ensure that e-learning is effectively integrated within the majority of modules offered by Modern Languages Departments and the Language Centre. In particular, at the first stage of the project 1047 French Grammar questions were uploaded to Perception development server from external website. Questions are now being assessed by French department.

NAGTY chose QM Perception as the most suitable software to develop online questionnaires for the members of the Academy. First 3 online questionnaires have being developed and launched before Christmas.

Language Centre: Online self assessment exercises are now being developed for Learning Russian course, following the success of a similar project for Learning German (for which 25 self-assessment exercises were developed last year)

Further increase in use of online assessment: with 3 more departments starting to use Perception this year, the total number comes to 9. (Chemistry, WMS, WBS, WMG, French, Institute of Education, Language Centre, CSC, Engineering, NAGTY).

230 assessments are now available on production server.