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Support for staff

Perception support and documentation



General Guidance:

Authoring Guidance:

  • Warwick CAA templates.pdf
  • Designing objective tests.pdf
  • Write better questions.pdf
  • Rubric (Explanation) Question Examples.pdf
  • Negative Marking.pdf
  • Question Tags.pdf


  • How to access reports (movie)
  • Types of Reports (overview).pdf
  • ypes of Reports (detailed).pdf

Accessibility Guidance:

  • CAA and special educational needs.pdf
  • Generic guidance on web design.pdf
  • Generic guidance on SENDA.pdf

Other Documents:

  • Printing_a_test.pdf
  • Uploading.pdf
  • Supporting your students.pdf
  • Student responsibilities.pdf (please issue this to your students)

Question Mark Manuals:

Email support: