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What you need to do:

Following the successful delivery of your assessment you will want to see some details on how the students did. To do this Questionmark provides a wide range of powerful reporting tools.

To access the Enterprise Manager and all of the reporting facilities,

please go to

To login you need to use the administrator user name and password provided to you during the traning session.

To remind you how to use Online Reporting Facilities we have created this Online Tutorial:

For your information:

Information is written to the answer database as soon as the assessment is started and updated as the participant progresses through the assessment. When a participant submits their responses they are recorded within Perception's answer database. With Perception, you can provide real-time reporting on results while assessments are being taken or wait until they are over. Perception’s pre-defined reports give you:

  • Comprehensive statistics that you analyze the results of an assessment or group of assessments
  • Item analysis data essential to maximizing quality and reliability of questions
  • Gap analysis and diagnostic reports understand needs and facilitate prescriptive learning
  • Coaching reports to help you pinpoint specific development needs and provide guidance to improve individual performance

Results can be filtered by date, date ranges, participant names, special (demographic) fields, topics, and assessments -- providing only the information or results you need

Results can be presented in a variety of format to provide different forms of analysis. Perception for Web comes with a set of pre-built reports and allows you to define your own reports, whereas Windows based reporting does not allow report configuration.

 Web based reporting:

Perception for Web allows you to use eleven pre-defined reports or define your own using the Report Manager. Filters for dates, date ranges, participant names, special (demographic) fields, topics, and assessments, can be applied so that you view the information you need.

Browser-based reporting offers eleven report types including Coaching Report, Item Analysis, Question Statistic Report, Assessment Overview Report, Survey Report, Score List Reports, Transcript Report, Grade Book Report, Gap Report, Export to ASCII, and Export to Excel.

 3rd party reporting systems:

Questionmark Perception for Web's answer database can use Microsoft SQL or Oracle to store results. Perception's answer database is documented in order to allow third party reporting programs access the results if they have been configured with sufficient security by the system administrator. Answers and results can be extracted using a series of APIs known as QMWISe.

 Export to Excel:

Questionmark Perception’s Export to Excel feature makes it possible to export complete answer data from Questionmark™ Perception™ assessments into the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. User privileges restrict access to users so that they can only export the data that they are allowed to see. Excel’s graphing and formatting power can be of great benefit to people who run computerised assessments. Export to Excel expands the power of Perception’s built-in report types by enabling you to send results to Excel for further analysis and graphing. Although Excel doesn’t provide all of the statistical analysis or presentation capabilities required to investigate the reliability and validity of a test, it does provide a great visual environment to help Perception users derive meaning from data.