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How do I get started?


Step 1: Training

It is highly advisable to undertake a one-off training session which will give you all the knowledge you need to creating an on-line test.

You can contact us on .

Step 2: PC requirements

Ensure you have access to a

  • XP Staff Desktop PC

as these are the supported operating systems on campus, if you cannot meet these requirements then please get in contact.

Step 3: Installation

The software will be installed on your computer during the training session. Alternatively you can download the current version from the left hand side menu on this page.

Once the software is successfully installed you will be able to start creating questions and assessments.

When your draft assessment is completed, you can upload it to the Development Server for testing and any necessary amendments.

The final version of the assessment will be uploaded to the Production Server and be made available to students by the Perception Manager upon request.

Students will access the assessments from the Production Server.

Step 4: Upgrade from previous version of Perception

To upgrade from any previous version please download Perception Authoring 4.3 from the left hand column on this page. The file is archived. You need to install it in the same directory where you have your current Perception Authoring. Password for opening the installer is : perception4

Please do not download free trial version from QM Perception website as it may be different from the one we are currently using at Warwick.

Step 5: Connecting to the Development Server

To publish your assessments on Development server for online testing you need to:

1. Open Perception Authoring Manager

2. In Select Repository window choose Open Existing Repository (shared)

3. On the next screen in server box type: tcp://

4. click Connect

5. User name and password will be confirmed with you individually

6. You can also test your assessment from a browser, to see how it will look like to your students:

The user name and password are the same as for direct access to Development server.

Please remember that Development server is shared area with everybody having the same rights for testing, but no students having access to it

Step 6: Publishing to Production Server for students to access

When you finalise your assessment please contact with the following information:

1. Name of the assessment to be published to Production Server

2. Name of the Webgroup to be scheduled to this assessment. On how to create a webgroup please have a look:

3. Scheduling time (start date/time, end date/time)

4. Number of attempts per student (limited/unlimited)

5. If Email Broadcast is required please provide us with the wording for the email to be sent by the system to your student with information regarding this assessment

6. The URL for your students to access the test via Single Sign On is:

We recommend you put this URL as a link on your SiteBuilder page.

If you experience any problems with this, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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