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RFC 2350 Profile

Document Information

This document complies with RFC 2350.

Date of Last Update

This is version 1.0 of December 10th 2012.

Distribution List for Notifications

This profile is kept up-to-date on the location specified in 1.3.

E-mail notification of updates are sent to all WAR-CSIIRT team members.

Any questions about updates please address to csiirt at warwick dot ac dot uk

Locations where this Document may be found

The current version of this profile is always available on

Contact Information

Name of the Team
Full name: The University of Warwick Computer Security Investigation and Incident Response Team
Short name: WAR-CSIIRT


The University of Warwick
Westwood Campus
IT Services Building
West Midlands

Time Zone

GMT/UTC (GMT/UTC+0100 in Summer Time)

Telephone Number

+44 2476 523523
Facsimile Number
+44 2476 461606
Other Telecommunications
Not applicable.

Electronic Mail Address

Please send incident reports which relate to the University of Warwick's constituency, including copyright issues, spam and abuse to abuse at warwick dot ac dot uk
None incident email should be addressed to csiirt at warwick dot ac dot uk

Public Keys and Encryption Information

Please encrypt any sensitive email with the WAR-CSIIRT PGP key and send to csiirt at warwick dot ac dot uk
Individual team member's keys are available from the University keyserver.

Team Members

No information is provided about the team's members in public.

Other Information

Further information about the University of Warwick can be found at
WAR-CSIIRT is accredited by the Trusted Introducer for CERTs in Europe; see for details