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Staff Phones

The Confer web page provides lots of guidance to show you how to use the new system.

Phone line types available:

Which type do I choose?

  • Personal Line
  • Resource Line

Specialist line types:

  • Analogue
  • ACD (call-centre)

There is an annual charge for each line. The charge is the same for all line types except ACD.


The following equipment can be ordered through IT Services and will be supported on the phone system:

Desk Phones and modules

Computer headsets

Features & Facilities (Personal Extension Number)

The main facilities which can be accessed by staff with a Personal Extension Number are:

  • Softphone (MiCollab) on Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or Android phone
  • Logon to any desk phone
  • Divert calls to a mobile phone or external phone line
  • Manage your availability (Status and Presence)
  • Voicemail
  • Call Screening (Manager / Assistant facility)
  • Key appearance

 The Confer web page provides detailed instructions on using these features.


Features and Facilities (Resource Extension Number)

The main facilities which can be configured for managing voice calls to departments and teams on a Resource Line are:

  • Voicemail or Announcement Message
  • Ring Group
  • Pickup Group

Read more about managing incoming calls to resources and teams

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