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An ASIN is a unique number used to identify a CD or DVD. If you know the ASIN of the CD or DVD you want to review, you can use the 'ASIN' search facility to search for the CD or DVD.

To search for a CD or DVD using 'ASIN':

  1. Type the ASIN into the text box beside 'ASIN'. Do not use quotation marks. You must type in the exact number.
  2. Click the 'Search' button next to the 'ASIN' text box
  3. There will only be one title in the list of search results. Click the 'Review this one' link on the right hand side. Clicking on the image of the DVD/CD cover will take you to Amazon.
  4. Write the review.
  5. Click the 'Publish now' button.

The title of the DVD or CD (and artist in the case of a CD) you are reviewing will be automatically generated from the details of the title you selected.

Example: If you wanted to review the DVD Three Colours Blue, you could type B00005QG0I into the 'ASIN' search text box.

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