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How do I write a CD review?

Before you can begin writing a review you must be signed in.
  1. In the right hand side of the utility bar of your blog you will see a link that says 'Create entry'. Hover over the 'Create entry' link and a drop down menu will appear. Click on 'Review book/DVD/CD'. The create a review screen should appear.

    Review book/DVD/CD drop-down menu
  2. Click on the 'CD' tab at the top of the screen. If you want to write an unlinked review (one that does not link to Amazon), click on the 'Write a review without a linked CD' link and go straight to stage 4. If you want to link your review to the relevant page on Amazon, enter either the artist, keywords from the cd title or the ASIN into the search fields. Click the 'Search' button beside the search field you have filled in.

    CD Search tab
  3. You should now see a list of search results. Select the CD you want to review, and click on the 'Review this one' link in the column on the right hand side.

    Review this one link

    The title, artist and ASIN of this CD will appear in your review just below the heading. (If the CD you want to review is not included in the search results, either click on the 'Search again' link to return you to the CD search screen and search with different keywords, or click on 'Write a review without linked music' to take you to the music review screen.)
  4. The CD review screen should now appear. Enter a title for your review. The title will show as a heading at the top of your review.

    Title of entry
  5. If you want to include a reference to a web page, enter a web address under 'Related web page icon Related web page'.

    Entering a related web page
  6. If you wish to you can add some tags/keywords to your entry to help categorise it. Click in the textbox labeled 'Tag Tags/Keywords' and enter some words to describe your entry, separated by spaces. Suggestions of tags based on your previous entries are shown beneath the textbox and you can click on them to add them.

  7. Decide who can see your review. Click on the drop down privacy list under 'Who can see this entry?' and select the level of privacy that you would like for the review.

    Choosing a level of privay
  8. Decide who can comment on your review. Click on the drop down list under 'Who can comment on this entry?' and select the group who you would like to be able to comment on this review.

    Choosing who can comment on your review
  9. Decide whether you want the review to appear in any blog collections and select either 'Show in blog collections' or 'Show just on my blog'. If you are writing an unlinked review, and you know the ASIN of the CD you are reviewing, enter the ASIN under 'ASIN'.

    Choose to show in blog collections or just on your blog
  10. Write and format the text for your review in the large text box under 'Review'.

    Entering the text of your review
  11. Decide what rating to give the CD and select a rating from 1 out of 5 stars 1 out of 5 starsto 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 starsunder 'Rating'. You can also choose not to rate the CD by selecting 'Not Rated'.
  12. When you have finished writing your review, click on the 'Publish now' button: 'Publish now' button

You should see that the entry has been added to your blog. If you chose to write a linked review, you should see the cover of the CD on the left hand side of your entry, and when you click on the CD title, it should take you to the relevant page of

Your cd review will appear like this in your blog

Example: You've just bought the latest 3RD DAN ep. and want to write a review of it to tell everyone how good it is.