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How to report a problem with SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is fully supported by IDG. There are different ways to find help or report problems:

When you contact us, please include:

  • the URL of the page you're referring to
  • your browser and operating system, including version numbers (this information is captured automatically if you submit using the form)
  • specific details about what you were doing when the problem occurred
  • the date and time when the problem occurred (this helps us to search error logs)
  • details of any error message you see
  • notice of any deadline that relies on us resolving the problem

It is useful if you can provide a screenshot of what was on your screen when the problem occurred. You can do this using Paint, installed by default on Windows devices, to paste your image and save it as a JPEG or PNG. Alternatively, you can use a browser add-on to grab and save your screenshot before attaching it to the form. If possible, ensure the page URL is visible in your screenshot (please still include the URL in your submission). Mac users can use keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot and save to your desktop.

For some problems it is helpful if you can send us a screen recording so that we know how to reproduce your issue. You can do this using Steps Recorder on a Windows device or QuickTime Player on a Mac. Alternatively, you can use a browser add-on to record your screen before sending it to our team.

We log and track all bug reports. For an update on a specific request, please contact the User Experience at webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk. You can also find full details of bug fixes and improvements in the release notes.

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