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New features and changes in SiteBuilder2

New features in SiteBuilder2

  • A new look. SiteBuilder2 has cleaner, clearer interfaces that are easier to use.
  • A quick edit menu.  We've added a shortcut menu that appears when you hover over the Edit link.  The menu allows you to go directly to edit a page, edit the properties of a page, create a page, edit permissions or upload a file; in just one click.  New 6th June.
  • A new Content Editor that uses Javascript. This is very quick to load and does not require Java, so you don't have to worry about having the correct version of Java.  It does needs a new-ish browser; IE6 or Firefox.
  • A choice of Content Editor. You can choose which Content Editor you prefer to use (the new Javascript one, the old Java one or the edit raw html option) and SiteBuilder2 will remember your choice for next time. We will eventually phase out the Java Editor.
  • A "Preview" button in the Content Editor. Using Preview you can quickly check whether your page looks as you intend it to without leaving the Editor.
  • Built-in help pages. Click on a help icon and a pop-up window will give you context sensitive help and instructions.
  • A two-step delete and purge process. This means that deleting files and pages can now be undone, so if you click on delete by mistake you can easily recover your file or page.
  • Deleting pages with sub-content. It's now possible to delete a page which has sub-pages and sub-files up to a certain limit (previously you had to delete sub-pages individually).
  • Improved confirmation dialog. When you're asked to confirm an operation such as deleting a file, we show the confirmation dialog in a little pop-up window on the same page as the button that launched the operation, making it quicker and easier to perform these tasks.
  • New "Pages-to-go" function. This will open a single window intended for printing or saving which contains all the page content from the current pages and all pages beneath it.
  • New search. We'll be using our new internal search engine for SiteBuilder2 sites, so search now understands how to search protected content.
  • An improved "User/Group Lookup" facility. This incorporates a search for Web Groups so that you can grant permissions to a group of users in one go, as well as to individual users.
  • New look "Permissions" screen. The screen is cleaner, brighter and easier to use.
  • Switching between page types. Special page types (Table of Contents page, What’s New page etc.) are now also listed as Page Properties so that you can switch between a normal page to a special page and back again.
  • New "Special Page" types. We've added some new special page types, including Image Gallery page, Podcast page, Site Map page, Data Reveal page and RSS page.  The page types are now editable, so you can add your own text and content above and below the special element.  Improved 11th July.
  • Improved "File Information". The file information facility in the list of files under the Upload and View Files tab has been improved.
  • An icon for sub-sites. Sub-sites are indicated by a different icon in the list of pages under the Create a View Sub-pages tab.
  • A new "Links Picker". A new Links Picker has been incorporated into the new Content Editor.  You can browse a tree of pages to find the one you want, or upload a file, and add a link in one easy step.  Improved 14th June.
  • A new "Image Picker".  A new Impage Picker has been added to the new Content Editor.  You can browse and preview image files to find the one you want, or upload it, and add it to your page in one easy step.  New 11th July.
  • New 'Browse pages' function.  The ability to browse a tree of pages has also been added to the copy and move page facilities, so that it is easier to identify the target destination.  New 6th June.
  • New 'Next and previous' links function.  This allows you to create a series of pages with next and previous links so that people have to browse them in a linear fashion.
  • New 'Upload ZIP file' function.  You can now upload a ZIP file and choose which files to unpack. New 11th July.
  • New 'Contact the page owner' feature.  SiteBuilder pages now have a link to allow viewers to send an email message to the owner of the page.  New 11th September.

Features removed from SiteBuilder2

  • There is no longer a built-in links checker.  Alternatives are readily available for this, such as a plug-in for Firefox browsers and a Windows program that will perform links checking.
  • ‘Action on expiry’, ‘Contributor’ and ‘Publisher’ have been removed from Page Properties.