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Warwick's brand on the web

ID7 is the latest iteration of the University's common website template and incorporates the new brand. These pages provide guidance on:

  • what the ID7 template looks like
  • how ID7 impacts specific elements of SiteBuilder

What are the main changes in ID7?

  1. We've updated the look of the website to incorporate elements of the University's new brand: the Warwick logotype, window device, typography, colour palette and guidelines on imagery.
  2. Navigation is more consistent between sites (there are no longer any vertical site navigations). Also, it's easier to see where you are in a site and where you can go to next.
  3. You'll notice more consistency in layout and design between Warwick sites – we've standardised some elements more than we used to, such as the navigation, typography and footers.
  4. We've improved typography, paying careful attention to text size, scale, line height, contrast, ligatures and kerning. Each of these elements is optimised to best suit the device you're viewing the site with.
  5. Sites work better on a larger range of devices. We use more of the available screen size on large-screen devices and ensure pages are easy to read (and use) on smaller screens, such as phones and tablets.
  6. We've updated some of the technology underpinning the site. In particular, we've adopted a better, modern framework for page layouts. This makes it easier to design rich, responsive layouts that work well on all devices.
  7. Pages are more efficient too. They require fewer images and less markup; this makes them load faster and work better when you're using a data-limited connection (say, 3G).
  8. We've built a brand new University homepage with a radically different design.
  9. Also, if you're a student or staff member and signed in, you'll see a new ‘About me’ popover in the utility bar.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about ID7 at webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk.

The migration to ID7 started in May 2015 and was completed by 1 September 2016.

Brand guidelines

Guidance from the Engagement Group on the University brand, tone of voice and writing in the Warwick house style.