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What happens to co-branded or non-branded sites?

Existing co-branded sites with visual design incorporating third parties (eg a joint venture) have been updated to the ID6a template. The blue Warwick bar at the top of the screen in ID6 changed to a white bar in ID6a. This bar contains:

  • University logotype
  • search box
  • links to main sections of the Warwick website
  • utility links (sign in, edit, notify and so on)

The navigation, page content, page borders and footer will not change.

If you have a non-branded site in SiteBuilder, we'll contact you about your site.

If your site is not in SiteBuilder, you'll need to consider how to incorporate the University's brand in conjuction with the External Affairs team.

All co-branded or non-branded sites must be agreed by the Deputy Director of University Marketing.


Brand guidelines

Guidance from the External Affairs team on the University brand, tone of voice and writing in the Warwick house style.