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[sched-cal] attributes for an events list

To customise how a visual editor events list displays, use the attributes below with the [sched-cal] tag. If you omit an attribute from the tag, the default value is used. For example:

[sched-cal view=upcoming num=3 tags='Conferences,Research seminars']/yourcalendar/[/sched-cal]
Attribute Possible values Default value Description
days Number 1 The number of days to include – only applies to the today view.
enddate ddMMyy (empty) Specify a date before which events should start – only applies to the upcoming view.
groupbydate true
false Group events by date or display the date before each event.
ignorebeforetoday true
false Ignore events that started before the current date.
link true
true The event title links to a page describing the event.
num Number 5 The number of upcoming events to display – only applies to upcoming and past views.
regex Regular expression (empty) If this field is set, the first grouping in the regular expression is the value that is displayed. Any square brackets [] in the expression must be escaped with a backslash \.
showendtime true
false Show the end time of an event.
showtags true
false Show the tags associated with an event.
spaceafterdate true
false Add an extra line break between the event date and title.
startdate ddMMyy (today's date) Specify a date after which events should start (if later than the current date) – only applies to upcoming view.
tags Comma-separated list of tags (empty) Only show events which have one or more of the specified tags.
use24hrtime true
false Show start and end times in 24-hour format.
view today
today today returns all events taking place today. upcoming returns all events which take place in the future. past returns all events which took place in the past.

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